Wednesday, 22 October 2014

ZEUS : The Reason Why I Love Dogs

HELLO! I'm here with a post all about my beloved Chewbacca who turns 3 today!!! HAHAHA there are gonna be A LOT of pictures of my favourite fatty. My phone is literally bursting with his photos and snapchat shorts.

I got him January of 2012 and he was 5 months old then. DOESN'T HE LOOK UNCANNILY LIKE A DAMN NAUGHTY SMALL BOY??


HAHA sigh I'm like squealing a little just looking at his old photos. HIS PUPPY FACE :')


I still remember how it felt to carry him home. The poor fella was shaking. All the feels just thinking about it :') He was so warm and fluffy and his fur was just the softest thing ever. Softer than a toy seriously he felt like a baby 'cept for the super hairy part. Or like carrying a fur ball :) Zeus was never small so I mean even back then he was about the size of a small beagle and weighed what felt like 5 kg?

Ok the quality of some of the pictures are damn bad cause I was using my iPod :/

Anyways I swear my expression...just watching my new bundle of joy walking around the house apprehensively, exploring his new home. I think I was tearing hahaha I'M SUCHA SAP. It was all so surreal because my parents had always been against keeping pets but I was so adamant about it and well something flipped a switch and now we couldn't be happier. I really cannot imagine life without my dog.

As a little girl, I used to beg my parents for a dog all the time then it became begging for a cat so when they finally agreed to get one of the above, it felt so surreal. I was FINALLY getting my dream dog. After literally a lifetime of begging. I used to ask them EVERYDAY non-stop and then cry silently when they ignore me hahahahah. I have a huge HUGE soft spot for animals. I remember how much I cried when I watched Lassie as a little girl. HAHA I'm the kind of fool who'll cry their eyes out when reading animal articles. LIKE this one about ugly the cat omfg I can't even tell the story without choking it's embarrassing :/ OK ANYWAYSSSS I've always loved big dogs and wolf dogs at that hahahaha I remember I used to want a dog as big as a pony so I could ride it around. I love my dog for so many reasons it's gonna be really hard to list down but any dog owner can tell you the same thing. There is nothing like the warmth you get from a dog. Coming home and having your best bud greet you.

To you, he may just be a dog, but to him, you mean the world. So every time I get annoyed at him for pooping outside of the toilet or eating the tissue paper or grunting incessantly when I want to sleep or making me chase him around the house cause he's stolen my favourite bra from my cupboard, I just think about that. That's the thing about dogs. People may leave you, break your heart, disappoint you and hurt you but your dog would never do that. He's the most loyal companion you can hope for. He lays by your feet while you do your work and licks your face when you cry and nudges you in your sleep to wake you up and waits expectantly for a belly rub or a game of fetch or even a short walk. You are their world and just a small show of affection brings them so much joy that sometimes it's a little sad that that's all they get out of life when they have nothing but love to give to you. Just doing that and waiting on you to return some attention. Dogs are simple and kind and have nothing but love for their humans haha and like Mark Twain rightly said "The more I know about people, the better I like my dogs." People have cruel intentions and are selfish in their love for you but a dog does nothing but give perhaps because it doesn't know any better. They teach you so much about yourself and what you're capable of. When you clean up after them, take care of them when they're sick, cry when they get hurt, feed them (even by hand... yes my dog makes me feed him by hand sometimes :/), play with them, groom them, get mad at them for shredding up your favourite shoes/sweater/couch. You learn that you're capable of giving something/someone that kind of unconditional love. You learn to take on a new kind of responsibility because now it's not just your life that depends on it but theirs too. If my dog was caught in a burning house, I wouldn't think twice about running in to save him because that's just it when you love something/someone so much.

Playing dumb after massacring my soft toy..

HAHA awkward teenager phase even in the err hmm groin area :/

Cone of shame after getting neutered

Every time he gets upset -.-

Friggin' bed hoarder man..

My handsome boy :') I have no idea if it's just him but he loves vegetables



Every meal time...

The reason why I always feel like there's someone staring at/watching me

I love him so much and for so many different reasons :) He's such a gentle giant for one. I know he's huge and can seem a little intimidating at times but he's quiet and gentle and never bites or barks unless you ask him to. I love that he's such a wimp HAHA he runs away and gets scared by EVERYTHING?? Even plastic bags and boxes and soft toys and idk HAHA sucha retard :') I love that he's protective like when my parents pretend to hit me, he immediately lunges at them and goes berserk. I love when he lays his head in my lap and the way he looks at me when I stroke him or rub his belly. But most of all, I love that he's always there for me. I guess cause he's a dog and he has nowhere else to go right haha but having a constant companion like him, makes everything a little more bearable. When I'm having a really bad day or feeling especially miserable, I'll just hug him and cry and idk he's my breakup/thunder/horror movie buddy :)
Lazy bones hahaha

Looking back, I wish I'd held him more in my arms as a puppy because now I look at him and I'm like oh god I'm never gonna be able to carry him again without breaking my back in the process. Look at the difference. I mean just look at him now. 45 kg and when he steps on your foot it doesn't even seem fair... 

Shower time then and now


It's with a bittersweet heart that I wish my favourite boy a happy birthday because, (and I know this might be morbid but...) big dogs don't live as long and their usual maximum age is 10 years by which time I'll be... 27/28 and I really dread the day I come home to an empty house without my chewbacca running up to greet me. Just thinking about it is heart wrenching haha I'm close to sobbing for real so I'm gonna stop here. That's the harsh reality of it and I know life will never be the same without him but till then, Happy Birthday buddy. I love you to bits and thank you for being my best bud, always.

 HAHA miraculously found these photos from idk how long ago...

Professional dog walker here ;)
Love this photo of him

Alright well that's it from me. Hasn't been a very good couple of weeks tbh. I was taking the last bus home last night and a bunch of drunk construction workers came on and cause I was sitting in the front alone, the bunch crowded around and kept trying to make me talk to them it was awful. Plus there was barely anyone on the bus so nobody did anything ugh and moving didn't help much. And this morning I woke up only to see a most unpleasant thing on top of that aching feeling that's been eating at me all week so idk it's been hard keeping it together which sucks especially when I've got so much work to do but just can't seem to do it y'know? Ah ok well I'm all the more glad I've got my giant soft toy to hug haha have a Happy Diwali guys.


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