Friday, 3 October 2014


Hello :) Woah I swear it felt like just.... last month that I was at the Velvet floral 18th anniversary. WHERE DID THOSE 2 YEARS OF MY LIFE GO. Ok before I nose dive into yet another existential crisis... here's just a quick post! Not much photos from my own camera because I was terrified, as I always am, of losing my camera especially in Zouk.

Anyways, Velvet turned 20 last Saturday!! Yayyy. As usual, the Zouk team did a splendid job of decorating the place and even dressing their front door security like bellboys it was so adorable. I didn't take any pictures of them because like...later they get the wrong idea or something so I just took some photos off the Zouk fb page.

So cute right! Their matching costumes!

 ugh hidden mickey

Anyways it was free flow so yeap... who doesn't love free flow. But I've been pretty...cautious with how much I drink so I didn't drink much the whole night Yay sobriety.

Omg the differences between phone cam and normal cam and DSLR are damn big..

Mel is so tall she should be a model!

Went for my cousin's wedding on Sunday at Clarke Quay's Peony Jade! HAHAHA CAN I JUST SAY THAT I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS MARRIED OK. It's just super weird especially when you spend Chinese New Years together as children playing Ban Luck and now all of a sudden BOOM. MARRIED. Like if my sister were to tell me she was getting married I would be like WHATTTT???? HAHAHA but in a good way of course. I'm really happy for him and I'm sure he'll make a good husband. Ok feels weird to type HUSBAND after cousin hahahahaha I know I kept laughing and couldn't stop going "Omg you're married!!! where's your WIFE hahahah", only to get my mother's disapproving stare haha I'm sorry I'm sure he knows I meant well.

I guess for me marriage just seems like something so obscure and far off.. which I know isn't necessarily true. These things happen as you grow older and I'm pretty sure soon enough, my FB feed is gonna be sounding off with engagement announcements and wedding photos. Just feels really surreal you know? I guess I never really thought about marriage before y... and now I just try to keep the whole thing out of my mind because thinking just makes me even more jaded and cynical. Marriages do get me pretty emotional though which is silly I know but the idea of it is just so bittersweetly beautiful :')

AND here's a trailer to shock everyone out of their socks HAHA. I'm a huge horror movie fan and I'm absolutely gleeful at the amount of good horror movies that come out every October. Watched this trailer the other day and trust me when I say that this is NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. If you know you can't handle horror, DO NOT watch this. But if like me, you're just a sucker and love frightening yourself despite hating yourself after for your lack of self-control and sadomasochistic tendencies, here you go :

Babadook already has a 100% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which I value very much by the way. I trust the tomato-meter 95% of the time. Plus it's gotten a lot of good reviews so if you don't want another mindless, bland, stock-slasher-exorcism movie, then you'd wanna watch this.

Initially I was like wtf is a Babadook it sounds absolutely ridiculous and not remotely scary at all but nope oh god. Now there is nothing more terrifying than a Babadook :/ The trailer is enough to give me nightmares. Like I had to run from the bathroom to my bed cause I was so scared HAHAHAHA I am so excited for the movie HAHAHAH.

Alright I've gotta head out to study cause I missed my midterm on Thursday.. Stupid fever I swear my body felt like it was in shambles :/ PLUS apparently the prof is gonna make the retest harder and include more topics just because it's like... a few days later than the original OHMYGLOBZZZ WHYYYYY... And my productivity level at home is like negative value. I somehow end the day feeling dumber or something??? Like the information just diffuses out of my brain... Still probably gonna head to Poptart tomorrow though! Love Poptart hahaha I never fail to have my shazam in hand at Zouk like a weirdo I know hahaha but ah well :)

Also, for all my NUS and NTU mates, hahaha hang in there guys!! Hell week is approaching but the sem is coming to an end soon so just look forward to that and if you wanna commiserate with me over how much school can suck, you can find me... in a corner of the library face down in a pool of my tears and eating off my stomach hahaha or I'll just be sulking in the canteen cause... food.

As for my SMU friends, Happy recess week! You've earned it AND REALLY WISH I COULD BE ON MY RECESS WEEK TOO :'(

See y'all at Poptart tomorrow!


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