Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Zouk Arcade

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! :) It's finally recess week in school phew. Taking this week to recharge, catch up on my work and do some much needed organising before hell week next week.

Just some updates from the past week! Been super busy but managed to make it for my old JC's Literature Night last friday! So much talent and I was so proud even though I don't know anyone in SR anymore cause I graduated what...3 years ago?! OMG I feel so old.. Anyways was so happy I made time for The Zouk Arcade on Saturday!! It was so much fun and everything was so pretty really. Bright colours, free flow of drinks, and lovely company :) Plus cause I'll be working for Casio at the upcoming IT fair, they loaned us their selfie cameras!! Isn't the colour pretty?!

This is the older model, the newer model (EX10) is like super awesome. I think its semi-professional and the pictures come out looking amazing but I didn't dare borrow it IN CASE I LOSE IT SINCE I SEEM TO HAVE THE WORST LUCK WITH KEEPING MY THINGS SAFE :(

But either ways, was so glad to have a camera since I have no phone right now and managed to take some pretty decent photos!

 SO CUTE RIGHT?!? I think they're supposed to be the toadstools from Mario??
 Wanted to take a picture with the muttons but was so shy to ask :/

BISHY BASHY MACHINE OMG ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ARCADE GAMES!!!! Not bragging or anything but I'm a master-basher. HAHA ok sounds a bit crude but y'know what I mean..
Forgot to paint my nails :( having nice nails can really REALLY be a real mood lifter just saying..

 Mandatory toilet selfie.. hahah

 MAV AND JACQ <3 love them both so much!!

 JACQ <3 sweetest girl ever seriously :)
 Had so much fun with all of them! <3

HAHA ok sorry I know its a lot of selfies and photos but I was just super excited to try out the selfie camera and its been so long since I've had such a cute compact camera and I hate lugging my heavy DSLR around :( AND ALSO I LOST MY HAT UGH IDK HOW ALSO.. if anyone knows its whereabouts, please tell me, I have been having so many nightmares cause I'm so worried I'll never get it back again!!

Still haven't gotten a phone yet which is AMAZING BECAUSE ITS BEEN A MONTH LIKE WHUUTTTTT.. idk how I've been surviving like woahhh hahah but ok I'm definitely getting a phone by the end of this week cause I really cannot tahan anymore.

Anyway its time for me to hit the books! Have a great recess week my fellow NUS/SMU friends and HAPPY MIDWEEK!!!

And if the week hasn't been going well so far, here are two videos that really cracked me up hahahah just look at 0.09 on the first video HAHAHA THIS GUY'S "SUPER SELFIES" HAHAHAH AWESOME.

P.S. I know I'm like damn slow but omggggg I love Chvrches HAHA can't stop singing "The Mother We Share" the whole week.  Also, I NEED TO DYE MY HAIR OMG HATE MY GHASTLY ROOTS and I can't keep pretending its reverse ombre :/ K BYEEE GUYS! xx

Monday, 10 February 2014

CNY 2014

HI!! :) hope everyone's been having a lovely chinese new year!!! I've been so busy the past month I'm dying for some alone time to just stay in bed and watch a good movie :( what with school, and starting work at Dom Lounge, plus my 2 other jobs, I've been spreading myself so thin I'm so drained :(

CNY this year was pretty good though apart from the fact that I LOST MY PHONE AGAIN OMGGGG I want to cry already. I seriously have zero luck with phones I should just use my 7 eleven Nokia phone forever or like just use a pager la. I lost it on my first day working at Dom so now I really have no choice but to work more. So much for saving up for a DJ set :( so i've been surviving on writing people's numbers on my wrists and borrowing phones from strangers its quite bad. But I guess its kind of a nice change not clinging onto my phone so much? Like I used to need my phone by me at all times and it was the first thing I looked for in the morning and the last thing I used at night and I used to feel the need to check my notifications all the time but now I feel slightly more relaxed like I don't really have to bother so much anymore hahaha and now when I wanna meet somebody I have to set a specific time and place and be there on the dot. Hahaha like quite romantic and old school right?? Ok idk maybe I'm just trying to make myself less miserable hahaha.

But its all cool!! It could have been worse and I still have a lot to give thanks for :)
Like all the good food the past couple of weeks. HAHA sorry I don't have much photos cause idk I'm not really in the habit of taking photos of my food cause I just wanna eat it damn badly but as usual there was the reunion dinner steamboat!

My dad's side relatives are the only ones I can visit every year because my mum's side are all residing in china! Miss my grandma so much though and hopefully next CNY my whole family and I will be able to go over to bai nian :) anyways I'm not particularly fond of my dad's side cause my first 2 aunts are really kooky, like really mad and mean. I remember when I told them I got into NUS they were like what omg how on earth did YOU manage to get in. Plus they weren't very nice to my mum especially when she first moved here. They were unwelcoming and calculative and just absolutely selfish and inconsiderate so I can't help but dread seeing them each year. Plus my uncles have basically disappeared to idk where so we've lost contact with them :/ but it was quite good cause I'm only just beginning to realise how much my cousins have in common with my sister and I hahahah and my fourth aunt makes amazinggggg food.

 Aww hehe zeus

Day 1: Awesome peranakan food every CNY YAYYY. Chap Chye, Curry, Belacan, Assam fish, Buah Keluak, Cincalok, ngoh hiang and lime juice. Ok but sorry there are no pictures cause I was too hungry.. hahaha. I'm gonna learn to make for my future husband ok.

And I really don't know why I never paid closer attention or bothered to learn more about the peranakan culture before but this CNY I decided not to go with the normal dresses etc. and go for something ethnic so I bought a kebaya for day 1, I learnt how to tie a sarong and my aunts were teaching me about the kebaya and telling me about my grandmother's peranakan customs last time!

Making grandma proud in my kebaya HAHAHA.

I bought the bag from this Indian lady in Chinatown! It was like 50 bucks for 3 bags?? Super worth it and they're really unique!

Day 2: Went to visit my mum's side aunt! She's the only one who moved here from China and she's just absolutely lovely :)
Day 2 ootd! Love my cheongsam omg I wish I could wear cheongsams everyday like Maggie Cheung in "In the Mood for Love" HAHAHA.

Ok but anw I'm damn sad cause I lost like one side of my shoe?!?! Idk how also I think I dropped it in the cab cause they were damn painful so I took them off so if anyone finds my shoe please tell me ok.

Also, this is the first CNY ever where I gambled! And omg so happy I won HAHA even if its like 20 bucks cause I need it for my phone fund :'(

Just went to the museum for my art history module and in school waiting for thai class to start grr!

Have a fab feb friends and hope the monday blues aren't getting to y'all!xx
P.S. Sorry the photos aren't very nice, I can't edit them without my phoneeeee.