Sunday, 5 October 2014


HIIII! It's Sunday! :D
Had a really wonderful weekend this week with dinner with my parents and Poptart and catching up on schoolwork WHICH I HAVE SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON :'( Trying to finish reading The Castle of Otranto asap ughhh. But thank god for the long weekend HAHAHA plus I have no school on Tuesdays OHYEAHHHHH. ALSO, I SPRAINED MY ANKLE ARGH. It's mofo pain ok like I have to hobble around AND MY ANKLE IS NOW PURPLE :'(

HAHA tryna teach my parents how to use my camera's motion sensor function

HAHA and they were so amused 

HAHA so cute :)


Anyways just a quick update on Blogshop Asia who's asked me to do a piece!

Blogshop Asia is basically like yellow pages for blogshops and acts as a social platform where you can communicate with your favourite blogshops and fellow shoppers easily as well as be kept up to date with upcoming events, fleas, and deals! I personally hate the feeling when I miss a good deal just because I hadn't been aware so if you're like me and are usually very blur about these things, Blogshop Asia is your one stop to get keep yourself in the know you know? Hahaha. Their "Fashion Up" segment features reviews and shopping experiences so you can make a more informed purchase. Plus you get to read the latest news, gossip etc about everything going on in the fashion business both locally and internationally under their news flash section.

What I found pretty cool was the segment, "Blog Me", that provides advice and consultation to aspiring blogshop entrepreneurs. I personally know how daunting and stressful it can be especially when it feels like you don't have anyone to help or give you personal and valuable advice and if you're a budding entrepreneur, I'm sure it'll help you in some way :)  Similarly, you can advertise your product on their page too considering that they receive more than a million hits a month and have been ranked top 5 by Yahoo and Google search engines which is huge?? They've got more than 30,000 registered members and if you're big on blogshopping, you'll be delighted to hear that their database has accumulated more than 10,000 blogshops!

They have done quite a number of events with the most recent one being at JCUBE which I wish I had attended but anyways keep a look out for them the next time :) I know I'll def be there!

Also HALLOWEEN IS COMING I AM SO EXCITED!!!! YAYYYYYY HAHAHA I love halloween. What's not to love right. You get to eat candy and not just any candy but ghoul-shaped candy YAYYY. And the best part, YOU GET TO DRESS UP. It's seriously the most fun thing ever I cannot remember a time I didn't love Halloween. Ever since I was a little girl hahahah I used to think I was like Wednesday Addams or.. Ruby Gloom. Anyways I just ordered my costume(S) HAHAH yes I was that excited that I ordered more than one because well.. I can always find a use for them some way or another I'm sure ;)

Dug out my old Catwoman costume cause I wanted to fix the... "ears"/"goggles" thingy??

Cat burglar


Can't wait for my costumes to arrive HAHAH I'm gonna check my mail everyday!!
AND CAN'T WAIT TO GO FOR HALLOWEEN HORRORS AT USS!!!! YAYYYYY. One of the things I really REALLY look forward to every year HAHA. Perhaps more so than my Birthday.. which I have yet to plan but argh. I don't even feel like doing anything anymore :/

Ok bye guys and happy shopping at Blogshop Asia!! :)


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