Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Hello :) As of 9am today, I'm officially 21!! Haha Yay I guess? Idk feels kinda bittersweet. It's been a while since I've felt so..normal and happy and myself again but at the same time still a little...empty? Idk I just can't wait for the year to end.. 2014 has been just the worst.

BUT ANYWAYSSSSS, had my party on Friday and it was a super last minute thing so the planning and everything almost drove me crazy. I had a rough idea of what I wanted but making it all come together and in such a short span of time phew. Between buying party decor and catering problems and getting the cake, karaoke, sound system, game consoles, party poppers, strobe lights and smoke machines, idk how I did it man HAHAHAH I WAS SO STRESSED EVERYDAY and last minute I found out that I couldn't get my food so I had to think of an alternative and I almost died at the prospect of my guests going hungry but all went well in the end and the food looked great :) too bad I didn't take any pics before the party started though :/

The only picture I took before the party started HAHA oops
ADDICTED TO SNAPCHATTTTT. HAHA idk if the quality is gonna be garbled :/

 HAHAHA aktar
 Unglam :/

 Guitar Heroes


Singing Karaoke can't be more fun than with this bunch HAHA. I mean screaming karaoke.

Booked coshare, this shophouse at Prinsep Street and the place is amazing and so..indie?? HAHA. Really wanted a warehouse party but this is so much better and really the space was so cool. There was beer pong upstairs in the attic and the guitar heroes was so much fun and the lights omg HAHAHAH SORRY I KNOW I'M RAVING BUT I'M JUST SO HAPPY. I woke up and squealed and couldn't stop giggling cause I'm so happy everything came through.


 The karaoke was super fun omg best thing ever HAHA and the food too <3 sorry there aren't pre-eaten shots though

 I'm too lazy to edit the photos aiya :/

All so good looking ;)

 My pretty girls <3
 The chocolate fountain was a total pain to clean up but still worth it :)

Never celebrated my birthday before so I really didn't know what to do. Like how to cut my cake HAHAH cause I haven't cut my own cake since I was 5?? I'm the biggest awkward idiot ever hahahahah and it was so uncomfortable standing there and having everyone sing for you!?!? How do people stand that feeling HAHAHAH and what do you do with your hands and arms or where to look?!

My beautiful family and most wonderful loving parents. Thanks just isn't enough but still, thank you for raising me up till now. I know I can really be quite a handful and a reckless and irresponsible ball of crazy oftentimes but thank you for always loving me unconditionally and being there to pick me up and guide me. And of course, thanks for being so cool with me having dick straws and drinks and bananas for a backdrop hahahaha.

Lit girls <3 Feminism and film classes together have been the best

Valenmelon <3 Love you long time. Thank you for everything and you know I've got your back the way you've got mine <3

Adventure time photo props!

 HAHAHAHAHA the confusion every time before a photo -.-

THIS IS TOTALLY UNRELATED RIGHT BUT I JUST HAVE TO SAY I CANNOT OVERSTATE HOW MUCH I HATE EYELASH EXTENSIONS. Ugh :/ Most uncomfortable mistake ever I feel like my world is like all dark and shit even in the day time cause my lashes are obscuring half my vision?? HAHA ok sorry just had to say it cause I can feel them while typing this ugh.
Yes I realise there are a lot of phallic objects everywhere.. it was for the most part, innocent and unintentional


 HAHAHA can't stop giggling looking at the photos

 Honeybee <3 Love you so so much. Thank you for always being there for me. We've had the most amazing friendship over the past 5 years?? Can't wait for more dress up and slumber parties with you ;)

 My pretty hilda <3

On the day itself, I woke up super dazed cause I was out till late the night before and I had to transport all the drinks and the guitar heroes and the ring light and props and decor down so I was damn tired. I felt like I was in some hazy nightmare I swear. I did the planning but without my friends, I couldn't have made it happen and I'm so thankful for them, those who helped out, y'all are really AMAZING <3

Before I smashed it to smithereens :/

Being judged so badly HAHAHA

 THE COOLEST STRAWS EVER RIGHT HAHAHAHA they were party favours so I bought one for everyone to take home!

Idk if they'll read this but thanks Hil, Liz, Ash, Naidu, Marcel for helping me move everything and setting up the food and decor, Valen for being my wonderful photographer <3 and my sister and Eugene for helping out, couldn't have done it without you guys and thank you Berhan for helping out with basically EVERYTHING, I really couldn't have done it without your help :) and of course everyone else for coming and for all your lovely gifts <3 wasn't gonna open them till Christmas or like just open one a day or something but oops opened everything already HAHAH I couldn't resist.


Read the guest book the next morning and really was so happy I kept smiling and laughing HAHAHA. So glad that I was the only one at home so only my dog was judging hahaha.

And also, last-last week was ZOUKOUTTTTTTTT YAYYY. I really didn't want to go but last minute I was like ah fuck it lets go so I got my ticket and guess what, I FELL ASLEEP HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I WASTED MY TICKET I SWEAR. After Martin Garrix's set I was damn tired so I just went back to the room with Jacqueline to catch a breather and we both ended up sleeping till 10 am?? I thought that it was like 7 or something and I still wanted to go back to catch the sunrise set? HAHAHAHAHA I'M SUCH A FOOL RIGHT I CAN'T BELIEVE IT OMG. But on a good note, I didn't have a hard time getting home from Zoukout HAHAH cause I was the only person still there -_-

 Omg the photos are all so bad, I brought my camera but was so scared to take it out of my bag to use :/

It was really fun nonetheless. Every year is so different you know? And I look back on all my previous Zoukouts and how much I've changed since then and it's crazy how much can happen in a year. Showtek was sick and Martin Garrix of course. Really wanted to see Steve Angelo :/ But I'm glad I didn't see Skrillex. Sorry Skrillex fans :/ Like wtffffff is dubstep I hate it. It makes me damn scared like my heart will beat damn fast it's like a robot screaming at you how in the world do you dance to that!?!?!

On a side note, worked at Vice on Saturday! First time working the door HAHAHAHA I WAS SO NERVOUS cause I really didn't know what to do and like I do not have a stern face at all so I really don't know how I came across but everyone was so nice and the night went surprisingly well :) never knew stamping people's arms would be quite so fun but I was so tired and hungry, the people at the bak kut teh store were so nice, they gave me free bak kut teh HAHA I felt damn bad but woah super happy HAHAHAHA went home so satisfied after work :)

And worked at CQ as an angel again HAHAHA.

Ok that's it from me!! Spent the day in bed literally the whole day.. HAHAH yes I'm a sloth what can I say. 21 year old lazy bones hahaha. kk time for supper with my family! Bye guys and Merry Christmas in advance!:)