Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hello :) Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day yesterday! I spent it working so.. hahahaha

Last Saturday was the annual Zouk Members Party and the theme this year was SUPERMART!

The place was so pretty HAHAHA plus there were all these Zouk snacks??? Freaking cute omg.

Hahahaha SO CUTE RIGHT omg the Zouk team is really damn creative for coming up with all these ideas every year. As usual, I was damn late to go hahaha cause I was rushing from school and running errands/shopping HAHAH I spent so much I wanted to cry but ok the shoes are damn gorgeous LOOK LOOK

DAMN NICE RIGHT <3 But mofo pain especially the holographic ones ugh

Anyways I had these super cute banana earrings that I got IN SECONDARY ONE HAHAHAH that's like a gazillion years ago. Never wore them cause idk what fever brain took over me that made me buy them in the first place.

 Omg is this what I'll look like with short hair HAHAha

I think everyone was half gone already though cause of the free flow HAHAHAH

MY FAVOURITE LAWRY'S STEAK <3 HAHAHA my god I can eat this everyday

And headed down to check out the Mona Lisa at the Old Parliament house earlier this week!

 HAHAHAHA what was I doing -.-

 They found Da Vinci's first and original Mona Lisa and it's so gorgeous omg. Honestly the one hanging in the Louvre looks kinda...mannish right?:/ idk Hahahaha

HAHAH and I cleaned up my shoe cupboard to make space for my new shoes and now I think I really have to stop buying heels :/ there's no more space but omg I LOVE STARING AT HOW NEAT EVERYTHING IS HAHAHAH I don't think I'm super OCD or anything though my sister will beg to differ but DOESN'T IT JUST FEEL SO SATISFYING TO SEE EVERYTHING STRAIGHT AND ORGANISED HAHAHAH.

Also, HAHAHAH GUYS I'M LEARNING TENNIS NOW HAHAHAHAH after years of not exercising omg HAHAHA had my first tennis lesson and it was damn fun AND I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO HIT THE BALLS OK HAHAHAHA can't wait to play again.

Hahaha k time for me to pack my room and get some homework done HAHA BYE GUYS!


Wednesday, 4 February 2015


HIIIIIII!!! Been such a busy week I'm so exhausted now. Can't wait for an off day to just relax and have down time to myself but anywayssss, HAHAH TYPING THIS FROM THE MOST DEPRESSING PLACE --- NUS CLB.
And also, LANEWAY WAS AWESOME GUYS HAHAHAH. My first laneway and definitely not my last. We went pretty late like around... 4? Kinda sad cause I missed eagulls and I didn't get to see St. Vincent either cause I was so tired and had to rush off to Vice after :(

Anyways we missed the rain so YAYYY hahaha lucky us. Apparently it was pouring :(

Mel's camera's pics nicer hahahaha plus her editing skills (Y) hahahah I can't be bothered to edit anything anymore :/

 I love our flash tattoos omg so prettyyyy and shiny <3
 And my Casio's non edited photos except for one cause I'm so damn lazy :/

Freaking hipster paradise HAHAHAH.

Angus and Julia Stone was so good <3 I was damn satisfied hahahah.

 I know can't really see them but I didn't wanna squeeze in front either ways :/


Most of the concerts I've ever been to have always been crazy head banging/moshpit concerts so it was refreshing to have a drink and lie on the grass and not have to worry about death by stampede. Haha kinda like The XX's concert.

I was so tired that I fell asleep standing up during Banks HAHAHAH really turning into some snorlax I swear. I guess it wasn't that obvious cause everyone's head was swaying to the music but mine was swaying cause I was sleeping HAHAHAH.

Vice after for Chris/Collin's Birthday bonanza. THIS IS SUCH AN UNGLAM PHOTO HAHAHA but I was trying to keep my balance hence that cringe

After school last Monday, dropped by Five for some drinks and ended up singing Karaoke till 4?? HAHAHAHAHA and I had school the next day so ugh :/ It was so much fun though hahahaha I love spontaneous nights like these. SNAPCHATTTTTT.

Finally popped by the Orchard library to study and it's so pretty and big there hahaha maybe I'll start studying there from now on. Don't they look like albino bacon strips??

And again last Wednesday HAHA was studying (or attempting to) in school till 1am and I was like FAK THIS SHIT so we went down to KDT from school?? Only my second time there. The view is amazing and the wind is so comfortable but idk not my kind of crowd or music :/ OK BUT NOT TONIGHT CAUSE I'M WORKING and have a mountain of readings piling up :(

Went to One Degree on Thursday with Jerome to study by the pool and we ate so much sashimi I swear I'm gonna become a fatso cause of him la HAHAHAH but thanks for always bringing me there to eatttttt.

Spent Friday in school and I was so so tired by then just downing as much Redbull as I could to stay up :/ and had work on Saturday at Zouk getting people to vote for Zouk to be one of the Top 10 clubs in the world for DJ Mags. HAHAH please vote guys. Hopefully Zouk can clinch top 5 again. Can't wait for next Friday's Zouk Supermarket party HAHAH I'M GONNA DRESS UP AS A BANANA HAHAHAHAH SO EGGCITED. Was damn tired after work on Saturday that when I got home, I fell asleep standing up HAHAHAHA and fell down and woke everyone up from the sound of me crashing to the ground HAHAHA thank god nobody saw that totally dumbass move.
LOOK AT THE INVITE. DAMN CUTE RIGHT HAHAHA it even came with a Zouk plastic bag HAHAH.

And some photos of the scrumptious men I've been dating. Bak Chor Mee and Crepe HAHAHA.

Alright that's about it. Need to study and rush to work later at Park Royal on Pickering! BYEEEE!

HAHAHA FAKKK this pug seriously damn retarded HAHAHAHAHA <3