Saturday, 27 September 2014


HAPPY SATURDAYYYY. Gotta update this space ASAP cause there are way too many photos I want to delete off my camera haha the past week has been super jam packed :/

Wheeler's Yard on Thursday yayyyyy.

Last weekend was F1 weekend as I'm sure most of you already know!

Worked for Ghmumm champagne during this period and I'm so happy I did because the team was amazing and the girls were all lovely and so much fun to work with.

Had to head down to Hill's 21st before work and I was so happy to be there and see all my JC mates again?!?!! AFTER 212897423895 YEARS HAHAHA. Everyone's still the same seriously I love it when you can meet up with the same group of people after a really long time of not seeing them, and you can still connect? It's really something. Everyone's in different schools now and doing different things but still :') so glad to have met all of them!!

The adorable birthday girl <3

 So cute and brightly coloured I love it!

 The arts and crafts section!
 Her family is so cute and they're just so sweet??

 I know we moved but idk why I find it so funny HAHA cause we were all damn confused as to whether the photo was done being taken or not
 Makes me smile just looking at this photo HAHAHA idk everyone was so confused it was so funny HAHAHA

And so glad to have these crazy girls in my lit class <3
 HAHA nobody can fathom how much fun I have with all of them in school everyday <3

 Hope you had a lovely birthday princess :')

Then I had to rush down to Zouk after hahaha omg I swear these few days has been RUSH RUSH RUSH. HAHAH. But anything for DASH BERLIN!! <3 THE MUSIC WAS SO AWESOME??? Hong was spinning before Dash came on and even the pre-dash music was great. It was pretty packed though and there were like two fights at members itself within 10 minutes of each other so I can't even begin to imagine how crazy the dance floor must have been.

Then came the Saturday pool party at Pan Pacific and I woke up so tired cause I left Zouk so late and had to reach the pool so early I swear I was so groggy and my eyes could barely open hahah. And Venetia and I were both like dying to the point it was funny. But anyways it was still great fun. Too bad I didn't get to head down to the Sunday pool party cause that's where the real fun was but Saturday was pretty good too!
 Yes I know it's not very glam.. But yea oh well hahah

Tinc was spinning and the music throughout the day was pretty awesome. We had to carry super soakers and basically soak people?? I mean how fun is that right haha. BUT there was this table of angmohs who found it amusing to fill their super soakers with beer AND champagne and go around spraying us and the security guards. It got all over my hair and clothes and honestly I'm not one to get super fussy with my hair or whatever but I honestly thought it was kinda distasteful.. Some of them were so brash and rude and self-entitled.. Idk maybe I'm a little biased but I feel locals are so much better behaved in these kinds of scenarios. Not saying that all of them are like that of course and I guess since most of them are here on vacation they'd feel more inclined to do things like that? :/

Sunday was super hectic for me too because I had to rush to Jessica's 21st before work! Happy Birthday Jess <3 Her cake WAS SO GORGEOUS HAHAHA. Don't they look like red velvet pancakes stacked on top of each other??? Too bad I didn't get to try the cake though cause I had to rush off for work!!

The roadblocks made it so hard for me to get anywhere :/ but it was worth it haha Lantern is really such a beautiful restaurant/bar. The pool, the view, everything! You can see Fullerton, MBS, Esplanade etc. and it gave us the perfect view of the F1 fireworks. Plus I checked their menu and the oysters are pretty decently priced at $2.50 each?? HEHEHE OYSTERS

Tired faces after work

Ok well that was it for my F1 weekend hahaha hope you guys had fun during this period too! Saw so many of my friend's snapchats from the pit and from the concerts and it looked AMAZINGGGG. To be honest, I think when you buy a ticket to the F1, you're not so much paying to see the race but for the whole experience itself? The atmosphere is really something when you're at a party and you can hear the cars rev by and see people lounging by the pool haha feels like summer vacation all over hahah. I just realised how packed my days were during that period hahaha I swear one week feels super long cause so many things happen everyday it's crazy hahaha.

Wheeler's Yard with my honeybee <3

Still my favourite colour :)

It's a lovely place but it can be pretty inaccessible especially if you don't drive or take a cab. I have my own bike and I love it granted it's not a very good bike but still haha makes going to siglap or nearby areas a lot easier. Wheeler's Yard sells all these parts that you can get to modify your bike.

 Hahaha sorry I know the photos look kinda raw but I'M SO LAZY TO EDIT

I won't say the food was spectacular but the atmosphere well made up for it haha. It's a really comfortable place to just chill. And the portions are HUGEEEE I LIKEEE ;)

Missing New York so much while looking at these photos cause Williamsburg has so many cafes that look like this :/ Speaking of which I still haven't finished my post on my summer road trip :(

 There was like some filming thing?? Hahaha

Mandatory wheeler's yard ootd HAHAHA.

We looked so retarded trying to take pictures with my camera's remote control function cause we had to wave at my camera screen on the floor?? HAHAHA.

 We look(ed) like giants (DCFC) hahahah

Celebrated my mum's birthday yesterday at our club! :)

Birthday shots? Hahaha

 This is like a hard, seasame liu sha bao

 Hahaha she still smiles and laughs like a kid some times

She drives me crazy sometimes with her nagging as all mums do but I love her with all my heart. She's been here for me through everything and I really hope that one day if I become a mum, I can be as great and patient as her. I know I'm not exactly an easy person to take care of and like everyone, I've been through my crazy reckless rebellious phase but she's always been there to take care of me even when I didn't deserve it. Really all the sacrifices she's made for me and us and waking up early everyday to make me eat and insist on sending me to school. No words can describe how much I really appreciate it. Hahaha ok I've gotta stop talking before I tear up and I know she's probably never gonna see this but I love you mum and thank you for everything. I'm sorry I'm not as wonderful a daughter as I hope to be but I'm trying alright :)


 Playing arcade with my parents after dinner HAHAH.

 Me vs. Dad hahah guess who won

Ugh I always get damn tense when I play games like my whole body will move together with the game and my brows get super furrowed HAHA

 Holy.... Look at how angsty I look. Hahah my default in-school face

 My mad Daytona skills HAHAHA

HAHAH aww :)

 And my mother's daytona skills are damn bad HAHA she kept driving in the opposite direction HAHAHAHA

Alright I've gotta faster finish my report before going for the velvet anniversary party later and my cousin is getting married tomorrow OHMYGLOBZ I AM SO EXCITED WHUTWHUTWHUTTTT HAHAHA. What is school... OK BYEEEEE~



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