Friday, 5 September 2014


HIIIII it's finally Friday again!! HAHA so glad the school week's over. School has been going by so fast I can't believe it's the end of week 4 already whuttttt. I realise that every post I never fail to mention how tired I am but seriously tired isn't even a feeling anymore, it's become a part of me.

Just some quick updates from school and work the past couple of weeks! School's actually been pretty fun save for the fact that the people in my Romanticism and Medieval Literature mods are insanely smart. I go into class and I'm literally dumbfounded by all the terms and names they throw around. Really makes me question my whole existence haha and wtf am I doing with my life or wtf am I even doing in school. Also, went for dance on Wednesday! I skipped school yesterday and today :'( [BECAUSE I REALLY AM SICK] so I'm not going for today's practice. One thing I've definitely learnt is that I have two left feet. I'm the clumsiest most uncoordinated girl ever hahah. The instructor was like ok left left and I was like shit which is left so I had to look down at my hands and make the Ls. And so many times I realised to my intense embarrassment that I was dancing in the completely wrong direction from everybody. Now I feel the need to say that I was put into this dyslexic programme as a child?? I was a really odd little girl. I would face the back of the class and just sit there playing by myself and when people played ball in school, I didn't know how to catch?? My mother said that I just stared and let the ball hit me. HAHAHA what a little weirdo. I'm just glad I'm not like that anymore but really the inability to tell left from right is so damn frustrating at times. I feel like my motor skills are just non existent and there's always a delay in my response?? UGHHH.

Oh! I finally dyed my hair last friday after school! It was a super last minute decision but I'm really quite happy I did it. I was horrified at first because my hair went from super light brown to ALMOST black.

I don't quite know how to explain my hair colour right now. It's like a mix of chocolate and ash. Chopped off a good 3 to 4 inches of my hair too hahah cause the ends were so dead I swear my hairdresser took like 15 minutes just to comb my hair and his face was like ohdeargod HAHAHA. But now it's so much smoother and healthier I can't stop playing with it HAHAHA. Like legit super smooth I'm so SO pleased. Gonna go do more treatment next week!

There was this sunsilk pop up booth in school the other day and they were giving free hair makeovers HAHA so cute right!!

 Ashley's hair! So pretty omg I wish I knew how to do my hair like that too.
 AND THERE WAS A MILO VAN. OMG HAVEN'T SEEN ONE SINCE PRIMARY SCHOOL?? Milo van milo is legit the best milo ever.

Oh and worked for Carlsberg last Saturday for this wedding! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG. I cried?? HAHAHA idk why I cried either seeing as I have no idea who the bride and groom are but it was so romantic and the thought of two people who truly love each other spending the rest of their lives together it's like awwwwww. Don't judge me!!! I wish I could have taken photos of the ballroom but my hands were shaking so badly from carrying the trays :/ Shangrila is really gorgeous though and the bride's dress was so pretty. Ok I cried partly cause it was romantic and also cause idk man like it made me think about when I'm gonna get married?? I know it's a long LONGGG way down the road, if ever, but idk.. I knew someone once, who I thought might have been the one but idk sometimes you can't trust your gut. Every relationship really is a gamble.
 Such a bad photo but oh wells. Idk why I look so small here.

Checked out Babette last night with Drew cause he's opening his own bistro next year WHICH IS SO EXCITING OMG HAHAH. He's gonna be serving up french fusion cuisine something like Saveur! I can't wait HAHA I love duck confit <3

Babette's atmosphere is really nice. I love the exposed brick walls and open bar with concrete floor. Just so raw and open. If I could, I'd totally wanna stay in a studio apartment fashioned like that with high ceilings and windows.

The food honestly wasn't spectacular. They serve French and Japanese fusion so we tried the duck confit donburi and the Steak donburi. The rice itself was already below average. The duck was super tough and just nothing compared to Saveur's. The steak was good though but nothing special to be frank. Plus the prices were really exorbitant in comparison to Saveur which serves much better food anyways.

The drinks were priced quite normal at about $8 a pint and $39++ for a bucket of 5 but the truffle fries were good! A little on the salty side but still good :)

Ok I'm gonna head out to Elizabeth's birthday nowwww SO LATE OMG :'(

Have a smashing weekend ahead guys!

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