Monday, 22 September 2014

I'm starting to forget your scent, your voice and what it felt like when I was with you. I'm starting to forget your face, your smile and all I'm remembering are from photographs of the past. I know time does that to people but I'm scared because what if I don't want to forget. And what if I don't want you to forget me. There's nothing left for me to cling on to. I can feel it slipping through my fingers. I know this probably means that I'm getting better and moving on but what if that's not what I want. I'm starting not to feel anything when I see you or your things or your old gifts and it scares me because I know one day this will all fade. Photos and memories, scars and feelings will all fade in time. I just thought that I'd have been able to keep this one in a time capsule so that the memory wouldn't be tarnished and you wouldn't just become another page in the book. But that's the thing with things you once deemed to be special because some day it will cease to hold that place in your heart and you will be left with nothing but an old empty feeling when you look back on the past.

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