Friday, 19 September 2014

Planet Earth in Concert | Oyster Festival | Full Moon Party

HELLO YOU :) THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZYYY. Phew. So exhausted haha. I was supposed to have three midterms this week and 2 assignments due and a project omg but thank god some got postponed or I wouldn't be here right now hahaha AND IT'S RECESS WEEK NEXT WEEK! I know I should be happy but honestly I'm miserable cause idk argh long story but I was really hoping to get out of the country for a bit.

Just some photos from the past two weeks!
Can't wait to have my own farm or vineyard and ride my horses when I retire hahahaha.

Went for Planet Earth in Concert last Friday and it was AMAZING.
I'm sure this must be familiar right to most right?

I won't say I'm totally a nature person because I'm absolutely terrified of insects (damn those buggers) but I used to love watching BBC and National Geographic documentaries and still do actually just that who has time for TV nowadays right :/ BBC's Planet Earth has been one of my favourite documentaries since I was young so my parents bought me the box set and I used to watch with a notebook in hand and pause and write down everything about the animals HAHA. I still have that notebook actually... From the time I wanted to be a scientist/vet/marine biologist amongst many other things -_- I've even got a notebook of all the questions and things that I've always wanted to research on in my free time..

Anyways the concert was held in the Esplanade theatre where the footage was projected onto a 10 metre curved screen while the Singapore Symphony Orchestra played the accompaniment. I've never seen any orchestra other than what I was forced to watch in Secondary school but ok legit the Singapore Symphony Orchestra was seriously amazing. The whole performance was a perfect symbiosis between the images and the music and it was a real spectacle.

There's a video on their website showcasing short snippets of the concert :)

I love LOVE LOVE animals so idk maybe I sound a little obsessive now haha but definitely wouldn't have missed it for the world. The concert's footage is split into different chapters about various types of wildlife and planetary phenomenons. I REALLY love elephants and snow leopards hahaha so when I saw it onscreen I CRIED HAHAH. Ok not cried because of that la but because it was so sad?? Elephants are just such beautiful compassionate creatures. Did you know they can die of a broken heart and they have burial and mourning rituals for their dead. Their ability for such emotional depths really puts some humans to shame. It was so heartbreaking cause the footage was of a mother and baby elephant separated from the herd and they were lost in the middle of the desert and THEY DIED. Idk what it was but they looked so helpless I wished I could have done something :/ haha yesss I'm such a crybaby I know BUT IT'S SO SAD OK. I just get damn upset when I see them suffer unnecessarily especially in those documentaries on ivory trade ugh like I'll always cry when I watch all those documentaries about animal slaughter where you see all these people butcher animals so senselessly. UGH SO INFURIATING  >:(
 My all time favourite photo. My everyday mood embodied in one photo hahaha.
Idk what it is but there's something about the way they lie on their face like that HAHA.

The segment about penguins was so cute though HAHA idk maybe it's just me but PENGUINS ARE HILARIOUS HAHA. Like little blobs of chubbs hobbling about HAHAHA AND WHERE ARE THEIR LEGS?? Am I the only one who finds their absence of legs disturbingly adorable?? Their body is just head, no-neck, stomach and feet HAHA. Like looking at a very fat short man in a suit.
 Wiggle wiggle wiggle
HAHAHAHAHAHA bet thats what I look like when I run for the shuttle bus in school

They also showed the behind the scenes footage of how the wildlife photographers managed to capture these shots and the amount of dedication and patience these people have is just nothing short of unbelievable. The segment was called "Wish You Were Here" and it shows how these photographers have to hide camouflaged for 118 hours on end or live in the bleakest weather conditions alone for months just for the hopes of capturing that one shot. This photographer spent months trying to capture footage of the snow leopard (my all time favourite <3) and they're so rare and beautiful. Really really admire these people who have so much dedication to what they do.

There was this incredibly anal man sitting next to me and photography wasn't allowed inside but I took some photos just cause he was so annoying. Anyways if there's another show, I'm definitely going haha my face was like :O and :'( and :') idk hahah I get super emotional when I watch things especially movies haha my face is always damn tense HAHA.

Work at TBC on Saturday! My first time at the full moon party and it's not really my thing. I couldn't wait to go home the whole time tbh.

Watched The Maze Runner AND IT WAS GOOOOOD. I was so nervous in the movie HAHA. Ok but not as good as The Hunger Games. Jlaw's my B I can't say anything bad about her even if I wanted to :') Idk what it is but I love the influx of post-apocalyptic world movies where the heroes and heroines of the plot are people our age fighting and doing kickass shit. AND CAN'T WAIT FOR HALLOWEEN!! ALL THE HORROR MOVIES COMING OUT YESSSYESYESYESYES HAHA and I'm gonna order my costume real soon ;) this year's costume is gonna be awesome I can't wait!

Also went for the OYSTER FESTIVAL HEHEHEHEHE. Man I love oysters.. I WANNA GO EVERYDAY HAHA. Ate so much I was a bit scared I'd get shellfish poisoning.. But that would mean I don't have to go to school. Hmm..


 Shabu Shabu area!

Getting super fungry writing about this :'(

After the most god awful paper on feminism ever. Seriously the whole paper I couldn't find things to write about so I made up my own terms HAHA SORRY PROF.

 Three hours of sleep everyday AIYAAAA LOOK HOW SMALL MY EYES HAVE BECOME :'(

Wore my PJs to school cause.. argh couldn't be bothered HAHA. MY SHOES ARE SO WHITE AND I LOVE THEM BUT THEY HURT SO BAD :'( Been limping around in school haha but I'm hoping the more I wear them the less they'll hurt?

Last week was pretty bad to say the least. It's just.. I hear these things and ugh I really don't know what to make of it. But I think I'm feeling slightly better and I hope I never lose that feeling! I guess all that's left for me to do is to handle the situation maturely and just keep moving on. Enough of all this wallowing haha I'm so sick of feeling (and looking) like death every day. Baby steps :)

Ok gotta go for birthday dinner and work/Dash Berlin. Not looking forward to it cause Zouk is gonna be crazy packed and ugh just idk not in the mood for socialising or anything for that matter. Can't wait to be home in bed for my Breaking Bad marathon hahahaha.


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