Sunday, 14 September 2014


Digressing from doing my research paper on medieval literature cause I just can't concentrate. This week has been exceptionally trying both emotionally and mentally I can literally feel my white hairs and wrinkles growing ohgod no :/

Got 2 midterm papers and so many assignments due this week and I'm just so severely underprepared time to find a new profession like competitive eating or something I'm actually good at. Idk why but each time I just can't bring myself to focus or even sleep proper each night. Just really never felt more helpless or lonely before WHYYYYY UGHHH.

It's been one of those weeks you know? Or rather one of those months haha. Really hope everyone else is doing a lot better but if you're not, you're welcome to sulk here with me haha. Misery loves company and I could really use another person to sulk and watch gruesome horror movies with me. I swear if life knocks me down right now I'm just gonna lie there and hope I somehow cry enough to drown myself. Ok i'm just being melodramatic. Things aren't really THAT bad haha I just wanna rant.

Seriously though it's gotten to the point I subconsciously growl and go ughhh or arghhhh ajshfakheu to myself while walking around school :/ feel like I'm turning into grumpy cat.

OK I'm done moping and procrastinating!!.. for now.. Back to writing about Geoffrey Chaucer and SERIOUSLY ancient literature. YAY ME.

Yeap this dog gets me.

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