Friday, 29 August 2014

Ring Light | SPOTIFY

Hello! It's Friday again! The days have become such a blur of school, stress, fatigue and sleepless nights haha but managed to squeeze in time to meet Jo and Cass the other day for some coffee and ice cream!

Before heading down to Funan to get my.... RING LIGHT HAHAHAH.

Ok idk why I bought it honestly.. I have a terrible terrible habit of buying things on impulse especially when I'm stressed or anxious. But anyways, I've seen how nice the photos turn out and just decided to invest in one cause idk I think it's worth it for like a lifetime of better lit and nicer photos right?? Plus I've been thinking about it for a while so I guess it's not that much of an impulse?
You can really see the ring reflected in your eyes!!

Look at my roots argh. Gonna dye my hair a darker shade probably some time this week!

Did some research and found that most people get their ring lights from Alan Photography which is located on the second floor of Funan. They've also got an outlet at Sim Lim but my dad makes Sim Lim sound like a terrifying place so yea.

The ring light itself costs $90 which I was delighted to hear because I think I read online that it cost $150?? And together with the stand, people gave figures like $190?? Anyways the man said it was on sale so YAYYYY. Tried my best to look like I knew what I was asking for in case he decided to hike up the price or whatever but anyways they were really nice and showed me how to put it on the stand and answering all my questions. My tripod at home sucks so I got both the light and stand and it came up to $115!

After getting the ring light and stand (WHICH WAS FREAKING HUGE TO LUG AROUND), I walked around and realised to my horror that there were other stores selling the light too??? When I was at Funan the other day, I SWEAR none of the shops had it??? So me being a fool, stupidly assumed that that was the only store that carried the ring light.

I think I saw two to three other camera shops that had ring lights and they're all on the second floor too. I checked the price at this other shop called Red Dot Photography and the light itself was $110 not including the stand which was also going at $25 so I was like secretly screaming YESSSS YESSS VERY GOOD. I really hate that feeling when you buy something and then the next moment you realise that another shop is selling it way cheaper? Just like that feeling when you spend a bomb on something and the next week you go back and see it on sale -.- its not so much about the money you could have saved but the cheated feeling?

K I have nothing much to say about the ring light 'cept that I'm really happy I bought it so just lemme spam some photos k... You can adjust the brightness of the ring light cause there's a dimmer :)
 Sigh when will my chubby cheeks ever go away..
And my hair is in DIRE need of a trim and some treatment man..

I'm super tired this week :/ I haven't slept more than two hours for the last two nights so going to school has been hell. MY SCHOOL HAS SO MANY STAIRCASES AND SLOPES EVERYWHERE OK it's really like climbing mount doom everyday. So much has been happening it's physically mentally and emotionally draining I'm really damn exhausted. But I guess one good thing is that I'm starting to see things a lot clearer. Things I never knew, kinda wish I was kept oblivious to, but now am glad I know even though it hurts. Just a little in disbelief that I couldn't see through it earlier or that I even believed it in the first place haha I'm seriously such a fool..
Ok think I'm gonna drop by the salon later before heading for this cult cinema screening at the art house tonight hosted by SCUM! And the Night Festival again YAYYY.
And I think I'm heading to USS next week after read and study. Is that weird? HAHA. It's cause I have this unlimited pass to USS and USS always makes me happy so yea.. But nobody else has that pass 'cept for someone I can't possibly ask to go with me so yea ohwell. Strangers to friends to best friends to lovers to strangers huh. Anyways if anyone reading this has the pass or just wants to go, I'll be glad to have some company!

Oh yes and one more thing, hahah finally made a Spotify playlist! I decided to compile a playlist of my new favourite indie tracks the other night cause I couldn't get to sleep for the life of me.. I usually listen to these songs on the long commute home or when I can't sleep. Just songs that help me get by. No particular mood I can attribute to the playlist to cause these days I'm just vacillating between debilitating depressing thoughts and uncontrollable coffee jitters. Haha K enjoy!

"Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option."
Mark Twain

Have a great weekend <3

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