Sunday, 24 May 2015


HIIII hahah I know this is so long overdue but I've been so busy :( and not bumming my hols away so much this time. Interning at SNATCH!, TheSmartLocal's sister company and this new app that'll be launching soon! Last Monday was actually my first day at work haha and it's really different from all my other events jobs in terms of how much more effort I've got to put in :/ Will blog about it next time round!

Anyway Bourjois Paris so kindly gave a box of makeup goodies during their event a few backs back! I'm using the Bourjois Brow design and really loving it. Along with Bourjois' lip rouge that smells like candy HAHA <3


Yes I know my ponytails are damn kiddy but it's been way too hot in Sg these day >:(

The event was held at Le Comptoir and it was really so much fun ^^

There were macarons, drinks, roses, a manicure booth, a makeover table, the best Nutella cake rolls... basically everything a girl could ask for.


The memory game that I failed terribly at HAHAHAH.


Plus we got to test out the whole range of products they brought down and the foundation and concealer are really good guys. Not being biased here. I've tried high end foundations from Estee Lauder/Laura Mercier/Smashbox and what not but they're always cakey and the application isn't as smooth so if you guys are on a budget and want a good product, I'll definitely recommend this. The coverage is really good without compromising it's lightweight composition and did I mention the smell is phenomenal?? Your face will smell like...roses after this HAHAHA 

They were so generous with their goodies it even came with sunglasses hahah so cute <3

I haven't managed to try everything but I really love the eyebrow brush. It's a little darker than my hair colour but I prefer my brows a little darker anyway. I love how easy it is to apply and it lasts the whole day without smudging ^^
There were two lip shades given as part of Bourjois's Rouge Edition AQUA Laque line and I need to give credit where it's due cause I'm seriously loving the colour (and the smell) <3

Tried the darker shade along with the brow brush cause I was bored at home and wanted to follow some Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial HAHAHA don't judge ok I swear I'm pretty sure a ton of other girls play with their clothes and makeup at home HAHA

Ok maybe I don't look anything like Kylie Jenner or whatever la but I still really like the look and my brows are saved after more than a year of not touching up hahaha yes I'm a total ogress..

Bourjois products can be found at any Watsons/Guardian stores :)

Also worked at the Indoor stadium the other day for the One FC match! Super exciting and I was working right next to the ring though I must admit I was super horrified cause I could hear each hit :/ and see the blood omg.

OK BYEEEEE need to rush off to catch MAD MAX HAHAH IM SO EXCITED K BYE GUYS!!! <3

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