Friday, 1 May 2015

CNY | BATAM | FHM 2015

HIII GUYS Hahah it's been way way too long since I've updated this space :( 2015 has been so intense really but it's been amazing thus far. I'm gonna try and keep this short and just post the photos from CNY till now! HAHA yes I realise I'm like 3 months lagging hahahah

CNY outfit day 1! Bought a cheongsam from some random store like at the side of some street in chinatown HAHAHAHA

 My sister's face HAHAH tsk

CNY outfit day 2 

Went to Batam earlier this year! It was so last minute HAHAH J was like eh do you wanna go and I just said ok and there we were haha. 45 minutes away and in Indonesia already?! Am I the only one who finds that weird?!?! I take 45 minutes on the bus to get to town and in that span of time I'm already in a different country O_O
 It was raining when we were on the way there so I took a short nap and when we woke up, went for drinks at the jetty area 
 AND OUR SATAY HAHAHAH I felt so blessed I really can't explain it. Being away from home and all you need to do is eat and sleep and worry about what to eat the next day HAHAHAH. BEST FEELING EVER
Idk where all the people were I swear it was just the two of us most of the way

Anyways I know everyone always says the same thing about Batam: that it's boring and there's nothing to do there. Granted there really isn't much to do there la. There aren't huge shopping malls or brands or maybe I just didn't see any but I enjoyed myself so I think because there was nothing for me to do. If left to my own devices I would probably rot away into a puddle hahahah. Yes eating again.. Quite evidently our favourite pastime

We stayed at Turi Beach resort, not too far from Montigo and me being me, spent the whole time sleeping hahaha. The room was really way too comfortable though I mean look at it. HOW NOT TO SLEEP RIGHT.
And the ceiling is damn high and the room really airy

Every morning the view that greets you is just so beautiful I wish I could live on the beach in some hut :')

Spent about 4 days 3 nights there and most of the time I was just sleeping or bumming around HAHAHA. Which in hindsight I really regret doing cause I came back and found how much work I had to do :'( If only I could be a bum for a living right.

We went during an off peak period and on a weekday so there was barely anybody at the resort it really felt like our own island HAHA

Went Jet skiing on our second last day haha and Jerome was forcibly obliged to come on with me cause I can't swim. Oops hahaha. For someone who can't swim, I really should be more fearful of water...

AND JET SKIING WAS SO FUN GUYS. It's like riding a water motorcycle I swear it's like VROOM and when it jumps over the waves and crashes down ITS FREAKING FUN?!?! AND DAMN SCARY HAHAHA I LOVE IT. The waves were massive though. Idk maybe it's cause I've never been out in the middle of the sea like that before but the waves had waves I KID YOU NOT I was damn scared tbh HAHAHA

Went to Hong Kong in April too but I'll do a separate post for that cause there's too much to write! Then it was back to school. I died just looking at the amount of work that I'd managed to accumulate

 Honestly super irresponsible of me to just run off to Batam and HK in the middle of school but... AIYA. My new sneakers made up for it a bit haha.

And cake...Cake always helps.

Honeybee <3 Really one of the best friends a girl could ask for <3

And also the other noteworthy thing of April was that I joined FHM :/ 

Aye I know it's quite the unexpected move and I weighed the pros and cons extensively before joining trust me. I knew the potential consequences and granted there might be some less than savoury things that'll come with it but the people who matter most support me and that's all I can ask for :) Just gonna go with it and see where it goes but it's really been inexperience like none other so far. HAHA AND THE MUCH NEEDED MOTIVATION FOR ME TO FINALLY GO EXERCISE. I'm like into my second week of the Kayla Itisines programme HAHAHA so hopefully by finals on the 6th of June, there'll be some difference HAHA. But legit man I can't even cough without my stomach/fake abs hurting :(

Oh right before I forget, hahaha if you like, do drop a vote at the FHM fb page or just click on either of the links below. The first for computers and the second if you're on your mobile! Haha it'll mean a lot to me, really :)



Ok well that's all from me for now HAHA back to attempting and failing to study :'(

Have a great labour day weekend ahead guys!


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