Sunday, 3 May 2015


HI GUYS! Recently got my hair dyed at The Comb! My new hair colour haha it's not a very drastic difference cause I didn't want to make a big change before finals.

The Comb is a recently established hair salon along Club Street and I really have to say, I LOVE THIS PLACE SO MUCH. The place is so comfortable and minimalistic. I'm usually quite lackadaisical about my hair, nails, skin or whatever la hahah but my friend Rachel invited me down to get my hair done and I had such a good experience there ^^

Haha ok this is my hair before getting dyed and treated. I hadn't dyed my hair for about 2 to 3 months so the roots were all grown out ugh :/
 Omg look at my roots ok damn last warning. And the back of my hair was really uneven :(
Honestly what really impressed me about the place was the service. Everyone here was really friendly and they spare no expense in making you feel comfortable. From the music, to the decor and the toilet and even the coffee they serve. AND GUYS the coffee is amazing HAHAHA ok I know that's not the main point but next time you're doing your hair here, ask for a cup of their coffee. It's so creamy omg <3 it's like drinking a piping hot cup of steamed milk coffee. Legit one of the best coffees I've had hahaha.

My stylist was really good I'm so happy with my hair colour. Something not too dark but still ash brown :) and he curled it so nicely <3

I'm usually quite touchy about people handling my hair or my brows or lashes or face HAHAH so I kept asking and double checking with him the colour of my hair again and again but he was really patient. Had wayyyy too many bad experiences in the past man haha so I'm glad to find a place I can finally settle on <3

Ok more pictures of the colour and curls
I love ashy tones :) Gonna dye it really dark ash/black in about a month plus once my roots grow out again!

The salon is located right opposite Club Street Social so when you're out having brunch or tea, you can pop by and get your hair done or go for drinks after at Club Street :)

For more info head on to their FB page!

Quote, QING and get 20% off your hair service :)

Lemme know how your experience at The Comb goes, have a good remaining labour day weekend and for those having finals next week, HANG IN THERE GUYS WE'RE ALMOST DONE <3


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