Monday, 15 June 2015

FHM 2015

Hello! :) FHM finals are finally over! Just glad I can finally go back to eating uninhibited again hahaha. Ok to be fair I really didn't diet much and I cheated la. I love food too much but it was still really hard ok! And forcing myself to exercise and jog every other day even though I was super tired from work :'(

It was at New Asia Bar which IS SO PRETTY GUYS. 

I know la it's at Swissotel and it's mofo creepy that so many people died there??? But that aside, the view was amazing and the space is so big and open especially in the day I love how the sunlight fills the whole place :)

Genuinely happy Sherine won though! I really think she deserves it and since the start I knew she'd win so no regrets there :) I'm just happy I joined and took part in something I thought I never would haha and it's really been an experience unlike any other.

I know people always jump to the assumption that whenever it's a girl competition, there's bound to be a lot of bad blood but it really hasn't been like that with FHM :) And yes I know FHM does come with a certain stigma if you will, and yes it is for a mainly male audience but the team has been really professional and they've been doing their best to steer clear of coming across as lewd. There's bound to be good and bad consequences with these things like a spike in creepy people appearing on your radar or something but it's well worth the fun and experience as long as you know how to handle yourself.

 Haha sorry random stranger for taking your ig photo :/

So ultimately I'm really glad to have joined, to have met all the other girls and for all my friends who came down to support <3 I really appreciated having you guys down and everyone else who came/took the time to vote :)
 HAHA don't kill me for putting this up...

Oh and the Tracyeinny team was nice enough to send over some pieces again!! The last time they sent them, I wore them in Batam hahaha I really really had so much fun in Batam. Feels so long ago :( I swear one of these days I'm just gonna buy a random ticket and go

Wearing their Wynne Floral Jersey Dress! I love the cut and design: Feminine yet edgy and oh so comfortable :)

Simply quote qing10 to get 10% off at checkout! Valid till 30th June so shop now! :)


Oh yes and dyed my hair AGAIN hahahah yes la idk my hair grows mofo ass fast so my roots are always showing like 3 weeks after dyeing so I decided to go darker. It's ash green haha hopefully it stays this way!

 Chillin' in bed with Juice

Ok that's it from me for now! BAIIIIII


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