Wednesday, 26 November 2014

EXAM WEEK : You Know You've Hit Your All Time Low When..

Exam week is upon all Uni students but hang in there guys the sem is almost over OHMAGAHD CAN YOU FEEL IT HAHAHA. My monday paper was just.. -_- I should've studied harder I know so that's my fault :( It was raining freaking heavily and my shoes were the lousy no-sole type so the descent from Central Library to the exam hall was wtfffff literally like the road to mount doom I swear. I had to climb and go down so many stairs with rain pelting me and water everywhere my face was so scrunched up cause I kept cringing like ughh I-don't-want-to-fall-pleasepleaseplease and half contemplated crawling there so I ended up walking.. 20 paces a minute :/ HAHAH I know this is a damn retarded fear to have but slipping and falling is one of my biggest fears I kid you not. Probably more afraid of that than of clowns?? The road there was bad but the paper was worse. MCQs can be so misleading and I had no idea which option to choose cause everything seemed logical to me?? So I finished my paper half an hour early and spent the rest of the time drawing coconut trees on my question paper cause I thought they weren't gonna collect it back but.. they did.. My teacher is going to judge me so badly :/

And omfg MY DOG ATE MY DINNER WHEN I WAS IN THE TOILET?!??!!? I came back and was looking for my chicken everywhere?!? I thought I'd misplaced it in my sleepy haze or dropped it on the floor or like put it in the microwave by accident but no. IDK WHETHER TO BE MAD OR LAUGH ugh hahah just look at that face -.- I can't be angry even if I want to be :/

FML that's all he left for me -_-


Ok anyways, I know everyone's probably surviving on really little sleep right now and when it's exam/submission/hell week I guess we all go a little crazy. I have a confession to make though, I HAVEN'T STUDIED THE WHOLE DAY ARGH :'( I WENT SHOPPING AND I HAVE NO EXCUSE :'( so in my procrastination, I took the laziest gifs I could find for my amusement hahaha. Just because I've written this, does not mean that I am/have found myself in any of the below situations ok. HAHAHAH

You know you've hit your lowest point when...

1) You're checking your room bottled water for floating bits

We all have that one bottle of water/flask/cup which we keep in our rooms so we don't have to keep going to the kitchen for a refill. You know you've hit an all time new level of laziness when that water goes unchanged for... ok let's not even go there.

2) When you find food in your hair and don't care

When you find bits of food or popcorn in your hair from god knows when. And when you go on to eat it.. Or you know... 5 seconds/minutes rule.

3) When you wake up still in yesterday's makeup/clothes

4) When you can't remember the last time you showered

Please shower... or at least give yourself a sniff test before going out because taking the shuttle bus is hard enough as it is without having to go through this :(

5) Or changed your underwear

God forbid though..

6) When you realise you don't have any more clean underwear or clothes

7) When you're just too tired to move and decide to use the floor instead

8) When you use your teeshirt as a plate/bowl/multi-functional holding device

You can actually purchase one of these.. "shirt plates" online hahahahah

9) When you don't change out of your PJs or underwear the whole day... or week... or.. month?

10) When you cry in public transport and don't care

But honestly though, taking the train and bus in Singapore during peak period is like..

Also I know this has no link but...

 I have no words for this..

11) When you have no more fucks to give 


Alright trawling the internet for these gifs brought me so much joy. Hahaha my google search history looks really questionable now though. K bye guys and good luck for your papers tomorrow!! HI MAV AND EUNICE AND SMU STATS PEOPLE AND MY SCHOOLMATES HAHAHA. Aite goodnight!


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