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Omg hi guys hahaha it's been so long since I've updated properly cause I've been super swamped. I don't remember being so busy before?!?! Not even when I was working at Boulevard after school. HAHAHAH literally running from school to work school to work everyday with 3 hours of sleep but I still feel okay-ish albeit a little high strung. I swear the past couple of weeks have been crazy ok I had THREE 3000 word research papers due, presentation, casting, work, and a final paper HAHA I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM STILL ALIVE GUYS HAHAHAHA SUPER PROUD OF MYSELF THAT I HAVE NOT DIED. I know all Uni students out there were having their hell weeks too so YAY WE SURVIVED YOU GUYS!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS SEM TO JUST GTFO PLEASE GO GO GO. All I want to do is go and live on the farm and grow some tomatoes. Like IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR >:( Thank god it's study break this week so I can catch a breather from submissions!

Ok there's A LOT to write so I'll just try and be as succinct as possible. Went for the USS Halloween Horror Nights 4 with my lit girls who are ALWAYS so much fun hahaha love these crazy girls so so much school with them is like damn exciting everyday HAHAHA ok that sounded super...nerdy but they make school actually enjoyable.

Ash dressed up as Ash Ketchum HAHAHA so enthu about her costume hahaha and she really looks like it right?? Haha at our favourite ootd wall HAHAHA

Oh wait and before that, I had to be on air Thursday morning on 97.2FM and I had to.... act. HAHAHA. IT WAS SO FREAKING SCARY AND I DON'T MEAN THAT IN A GOOD WAY. I'm not a very bad actress I think?? I had to do theatre before so I guess it's not like I'm completely hopeless in that area but it was so hard cause I had to speak chinese :'( Anyways it's for this newly released movie called "Paradise In Service" starring Ethan Juan.

Basically I had to read the script they sent me and act it BUT MY CHINESE SUCKS. Yes even though my mother is from Tianjin but still I'm a fail-chinese. I had to take CLB in JC my mother was so disappointed :(

It's not that I can't speak cause actually I'm quite fluent-ish... It's just I can't read or write hahahah probably cause I never paid attention in school especially in Chinese class. And my laoshi always kicked me out of class so I had no way of paying attention even if I wanted to right.. Ugh. Laoshi...why... Even in Kindergarten, I used to get this black chop on all my Chinese homework when all the other kids got the red "good" chop?? IT WAS SO UNFAIR LIKE WHAT EVEN?? I was in Kindergarten, why did we even have homework and grades?!? I think that was when I started hating doing my Chinese homework cause I was like wtf is the point if I'm just gonna get that ugly black chop so in Primary school I just decided not to do it at all and it was only in like Primary 2 or something that I realised I'd been writing my Chinese surname wrongly my whole life (all 8 years of it) -_- HAHA my laoshi looked at me like she couldn't even believe how incredibly lame I was.

SO... needless to say, I didn't do very well on air HAHAHAH cause I was like oh fuck I can't read this word so I just very blatantly skipped sentences :/ it was funny though haha and they gave me tickets to watch the movie so I guess I didn't lose anything! I HOPE NOBODY WAS LISTENING THOUGH HAHAH. The hosts called me up while I was sleeping and I was like oh shit I have to be on air in 5 minutes?!!? So I thought I'd just wing it and basically ended up croaking unintelligible broken Chinese. Haha my bad :(

After school, we headed down to USS together and I was so excited to get scared HAHA I LOVE (and hate) GETTING SCARED IDK WHY. Compiled all the snapchats I took that night and over the course of the halloween period to make a video thingy? HAHAH don't laugh k I know it's damn primary school but I was bored from doing assignments.

It was a lot more enjoyable than last year because it was so empty?? Like the queues for the haunted houses were 10 minutes tops and even the rides had 5 to 10 minute waiting times so by 9ish, we'd basically finished everything hahahah. So we walked round the park two to three times and checked out the shows.

There was the demoncracy-minister show where the fella was doing gymnastics and flying around in the New York section? And Jack's Nightmare Circus WHICH I FOUND AMAZING HAHAHAH I kept clapping like an idiot to myself cause everyone else was too tired to be excited with me by then. I loved how macabre the circus characters were and I think this is just me but I found Jack kinda charming?? HAHAHAHA. Mad, bad, and dangerous like Lord Byron hahah. It's not that I like bad boys or what la cause trust me I don't but idk there was something intriguing about him?? Or god forbid maybe I have some weird ass demon-clown fetish :/

Everyone recommended Mati Camp to be the scariest but idk if it's because I was sleepy or something but I didn't find it that scary. I just came out a little disgruntled cause it was so warm inside. Props to the scare actors though. It must be so hard to stay in that stuffy place screaming at people for 6 hours straight?? And what's worse, having patrons punch you cause they're scared? I remember what it was like when I was in KC and our class did the haunted house for that year. It was awful. I was stepped on, yelled at, boxed, groped, you name it -.-

My personal favourite has got to be Jack's 3-Dementia. THAT ONE IS LIKE WOAH. They make you wear 3D glasses before going in so that in itself is already disorienting enough. I never really found clowns THAT scary..until now that is. The clowns were straight from hell I swear. The white irises, the giant mouths, crazy hair, sporadic spasms, jagged teeth?? It was so horrifying I loved it HAHAHA. I think what made it the best wasn't just the scare actors but the interior? It was way trippy the colours and everything I felt like I was on LSD or something. And the strobe lights and cages and rotating floor?? WAY WAYYYY COOL HAHAHA I wanted to go again and again and again but I think that's just me hahaha.

HAHAH Ash fell asleep during Jack's Nightmare Circus. We were all damn tired after school :'(

Krewella with my lit girls the next day <3

Had work the day after Krewella and I was so tired I really almost fainted at work. I've never fainted before in my life but it was that bad I felt like throwing up and fainting so I had to stop working :/ We were working under the hot sun and there was no water or food, really never felt that weak before in my life man my whole body was shaking damn badly ok quite scary now that I think about it :/

 Haha struggling to maintain :/

Then rushed to dye my hair HAHA it came out so dark at first but it was kinda refreshing after having such light brown hair for so long I guess? And well there was the Zouk slaughterhouse which was the main halloween event at Zouk this year. I went down super late cause I was so tired hahahah I lay in bed till 1 before my dad sent me down.

HAHAHAH my parents were damn on about me dressing up for Halloween it was so cute HAHAHAH like they kept spamming photos and asking me to pose for them!?!!? See uh all those poses were the product of my mother's instructions HAHAHA I felt like a child again hahahaha. They were like helping me with my props all HAHAHAHA. I guess they found it damn retarded that I was dressing up cause they think only children dress up for Halloween.

It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up really. I love it when people go all out with these things cause it's so much more fun when all your friends dress up together??? And you meet up and laugh at how funny everyone looks it was amazing :) My favourite Halloween has got to be two years ago though haha.

Went as Red Riding Hood for the actual Halloween date! Popped by Butter first hahahaha haven't been there in what felt like forever and then went down to Zouk cause... Zouk.

With my big not so bad wolf <3
 Off to visit Grandma! IDK WHY HE'S LOOKING AT ME THAT WAY
It didn't end very well though but ah I should have known anyways. Quite a downer so I won't get into it. So YASSSSS that was my super intense Halloween! Hope you guys had a wonderful one and if you didn't, well Christmas is coming!!

Ok and some photos from the past two weeks!
Butter with the Kitsch Cats

My favourite lotty <3 thanks for always being there to pick me up especially during this period. Idk what I'd do without you <3

Been studying at Dutch Colony quite a bit. It's so pretty <3 And cycle-able distance from my home so that's cool.

Worked at Zouk for RedBull for the past two Wednesdays which was really fun but I had my paper the next morning at 10am so ok not that fun.. but work with Hilda is always great <3
Valen <3

Last day of the sem's classes! I know I complain about school and assignments quite a bit cause it's really damn hard to balance work and school and play at the same time but I honestly do kinda like coming to school uh hahah and seeing my friends <3 gonna miss the school so much once I graduate :( BUT OK I DESERVE A BREAK THIS DECEMBER HAHA

HAHAH feminism classes with them is like....just snapchat session hahahaha
 HAHAHAHA ash's snapchat

And work as Santarina in Heeren's last Saturday HAHAHAH I was damn shy. I felt like one of those people/mascots in USS?? 

The Santa I was working with was so real I had the biggest shock when I saw him like OMG SANTA IS REAL INDEED. Anyways it was so much fun cause all I had to do was walk around and take pictures with people especially children hahaha and they were so adorable <3 like the way their eyes sparkled when they saw Santa (and maybe me though I doubt it) haha like I wouldn't mind being their Santarina forever to see them so happy HAHA or working in USS dressing up as one of the characters from The Mummy or something?? The way people really buy into the whole thing is so cute hahaha I know I'm like that too though. The only bad part was that smiling like that for so long was super tiring my cheeks were like wobbling HAHAHA.

AND I had to SING AND DANCE OUTSIDE HEEREN'S OK. There were so many people :'( and it was super impromptu my boss was like oh follow Santa onstage and he was singing so I had to sing into the mic and "dance" too and I'm the most awkward person ever so I just stood there with limp arms attempting to sway rhythmically to the music though I'm pretty sure it must have looked awful HAHAHAHAH oh god... I just kept thinking like if my parents or friends walked past and saw me, they would have been like wtfffff HAHAHAHA it was super funny though so no regrets :)

Followed by Otto Knows and Poptart at night!

Ok phew that was SUCH a long post but really it's cause so many things have been happening one week feels like a month cause so much happens in a day?? I think I'm gonna dial back cause my cold hasn't gone away for three weeks I'm scared its some lung infection?? I've been coughing so much maybe I'll get abs for Zoukout eh? HAHA fat hope..

Hope everyone's had a restful weakend/midweek after Hell Week. If anyone's having a hard time with all the stress, hang in there alright <3 it'll get better soon love, it always does even if you can't see that now.

Also, if you're really in need of cheering up, look at THIS. HAHAHA I DIED LAUGHING and no I don't feel that bad cause I'm exactly like those people too HAHAHAHA. KK signing off from school!

HAHAH me tbh


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