Saturday, 6 December 2014


HAPPY SATURDAY FOLKS :) OMFG EXAMS ARE OVERRRRR YAYYYYYYY HAHAHAHAH. This semester was...hell to say the least. Not just cause of how heavy my lit mods were but also cause idk it's just been really hard trying to concentrate and keep my mind on school I guess BUT ANYWAYS NEW SEM NEW YEAR NEW LIFE NEW PEOPLE NEW ME RIGHT :) Frankly I can't wait to start the new year, 2014 has been... pretty awful.

ANYWAYS BEFORE MY WEDNESDAY PAPER I DIDN'T SLEEP AT ALL THE WHOLE NIGHT OMG??! AND I was late for my paper argh idk what I was doing I was just lying in bed and stoning until 8 and my paper was at 9 and idk by what sorcery all the roads to school from my home had accidents that morning it was damn weird ok :'( I was so tired I just resigned to my fate and fell asleep in the cab HAHAHA oops. And what's worse, I thought it was an open book exam?? So I brought all my books to my table in the exam hall like a fool and my prof was like dafuqqqq what are you doing girl HAHAHA worst student ever :/

Also, go check out Lyla's new collection!!! So many pretty new accessories! They sent me this necklace and I love it!! And the rings are so badass right HAHAH.

 How I feel about this whole sem.

Worked as an angel in CQ last week HAHAHAHA so funny I just had to give out candy and wear that costume it was so cute HAHA BUT GOING TO THE TOILET IN THAT IS NO JOKE MAN. The wings severely impaired my already limited motor capabilities -_-


AND I'M SO EXCITED HAHAHAHA I'm planning my 21st Birthday!!! I know I really didn't have much mood and I'm not one to celebrate birthdays? I've never thrown a birthday party in my life and wasn't planning to but ah here I am and planning is so much fun?? A little stressful yes but in a good way. It's weird cause at the beginning of the year I was so psyched and by August-ish I just lost the mood for everything but I'm feeling much better now and what better way to celebrate than with some of my favourite people :)

I think I might have over-invited for the space but I can't wait to see everyone all together :) I wanted to host it in a warehouse actually but there are no warehouse spaces for daily rental in SG except for one which was crazy exorbitant and super far from civilisation like even I won't go for my own Birthday party if it was there -_- it's like near Malaysia or something?? So I settled on a shophouse at Prinsep cause I didn't want to have my party in like..a hotel room or chalet cause that's kinda overdone I think?

It's gonna be a pop culture/art/pulp fiction party like one of the Gossip Girl loft parties! HAHAHAH I know I watch too many shows or whatever la but sounds quite cool right?? And there'll be guitar heroes, Rock Band, Kinect, sumo suits, sushi, a chocolate fountain, mini burgers, beer pong, shisha, karaoke machines, smoke machines, BUBBLE MACHINES HAHAHA ARGH I'M SO PSYCHED. I REALLY REALLY WANT TO RENT A SUMO SUIT BUT IT'S SO EX :'( they quoted me 300 bucks for this.. Idk why they decided to go with these pics but ok..

 He does NAHT look pleased

I don't think I should rent it right? Like people probably won't be spontaneous enough to sumo fight with me hahaha. Maybe next birthday party when I have a bigger budget to work with.

Went to check out possible event spaces before studying in school ugh :/
 Haha this was like one of the spaces I was looking at?? But went with the shophouse instead! The shophouse is so pretty btw! Can't wait to post pictures when I'm done decorating it!!

Unfortunately I won't be going anywhere for the holidays I think.. Maybe BKK in Jan but December is just... ugh I don't want to stay in sg though so maybe next week, I'll grab my passport and just go somewhere HAHAHA. Like choose some random country/the first flight out and go go go HAHAHA that'll be so awesome right?? Like close my eyes throw a dart at the map and go HAHAH ok maybe not that extreme la but that'd be so awesome.

Worked at the PHS hair event yesterday and the party was AMAZING? I mean it's exactly what I want for my birthday but I think renting a space like that would be crazy expensive. Maybe next time when I've got that kind of money uh. It was exactly like one of the gossip girl art parties and the lights and decor was EXACTLY what I had in mind for my party so it was quite cool to see it in action. Hopefully I can replicate most of it?? And Sharon Au was there HAHAH idk I was just like OMG SHARON AU. Like when I see her on TV I'm just like er ok but she's so nice in person and I'm quite a spaz la so when we had to take a photo together and she was standing next to me I was like OHMY.

 Playing backstage with the prop thingys??


 With my incredibly gorgeous girls

Ok gotta go run errands, buy decor, redo my room, put up the Christmas tree GAH SO EXCITED HAHAH SO MANY THINGS TO DOOOO.


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