Friday, 7 March 2014

IT Fair 2014

Hello!! :) I FINALLY HAVE A NEW PHONE YAY!!!! After one whole month and a few days of March without a phone, I finally have one again!! iPhone 5s that cost me a month's salary :( SO NOT LOSING THIS ONE OK. And this is my first iPhone omg HAHA quite glad I made the switch even though I loved my S4 a lot! I'm gonna write a post about it soon!!

One of the first photos on my phone <3 Zeus hehe.

Just a quick update from last week!! Worked the IT fair at MBS! Don't think I wanna work at another one for a long LONG time to come cause its legit damn tiring and I lost my voice by the end of it but the girls were super fun to work with HAHA. Had so much fun taking random selfies and double chin shots (FOR MY EYES ONLY HAHA CAUSE SERIOUSLY TOO UNGLAM). Promoting Casio and their selfie cameras are the hottest selling right now I guess cause the "selfie" has become a habit for many (mostly girls) and I think its close to impossible for smart phone users to have never taken a selfie. I'm gonna get myself the ZR1200 HAHA love the hot pink one so much though I wish it came in powder blue or baby pink like the TR15 which is extremely popular. I think most customers came to get the TR15 because I think one of the customers said Xiaxue and some other bloggers were talking about it and its really a super pretty and sleek camera. Its thin and flexible and perfect for taking ootd shots cause it can stand!! HAHA but its a little on the costly side so I think I'm getting myself the ZR1200 or EX10 :)

This is super random but I was watching Teens React the other day and apparently the oldest dated selfie was taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius!

Ok anyways this post is just filled with selfies and photos I'm sorry haha because our job was to take selfies when there weren't that many customers to attract people to the booth! HAHA and we got a bit out of hand taking random photos hahahahaha.

Nicolette <3 so pretty sia all of them
My arm is like Pee Mak right hahaha.

 My commission buddy hahahah we were supposed to work together to get sales, SERIOUSLY DAMN HARD TO SELL CAMERAS -_- like we each had to sell 10+ a day??

                                                Vivian <3 my toilet buddy HAHA. Read her blog here!

Adeline and Bernice HAHAHA the funniest girls ever I died laughing working with them.
HAHA damn unglam all the photos.

                                                          Hide your food. I am watqingyu.

Bernice trying to set off the motion sensor with her tongue -.- HAHAHA

By the end of the 4 days we were all like that :/

Anyways idk somehow I was super tired and stressed out during the whole IT fair period or something that I sleep walked every single night :( i dreamt that some customer wanted to buy the camera from me and i was like super freaking excited so I got out of my bed thinking it was the Casio booth and I stumbled around my room looking for a receipt book HAHA. Woke up to find my pens and stuff all over the table and bed -_- The last time this happened was in JC when I was really stressed over A's hahaha and i woke up at 3am and got dressed for school HAHA my sister was like wtfff and put me back to bed.

After work went down for Andrew's birthday dinner thing! HAHA love how everyone spontaneously smiled for the camera even though I didn't know like 3/4 of them HAHA.

Also, thank you for coming to pick me up every other day after work yx, I really really appreciate it :)

Btw I didn't edit any of the photos cause that's how good the camera is!! Like it has automatic filters and makeup levels that make your skin glow!! UGH GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THESE CAMERAS

And here's the world's most epic selfie to end it off :) HAHA love ellen and JLAW OMG JLAW IS JUST <3 love her so much HAHA I've watched The Hunger Games a gazillion times.

HAHA AND MY CURRENT FAVOURITE GIF HAHAHAHA LOVE IT TOO DAMN FUNNY THIS BOY HAHA. I'm like that when I attempt to kick a ball too HAHA and the dog is just like dafuq...

Ok gotta go apeshit nerd and study for my test tmr morning ughhhh FML WHYYYYY AND ON A SATURDAY MORNING OMG. Anw hope your week has been going better than mine!! :) 
Till next time.

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