Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Zouk Arcade

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! :) It's finally recess week in school phew. Taking this week to recharge, catch up on my work and do some much needed organising before hell week next week.

Just some updates from the past week! Been super busy but managed to make it for my old JC's Literature Night last friday! So much talent and I was so proud even though I don't know anyone in SR anymore cause I graduated what...3 years ago?! OMG I feel so old.. Anyways was so happy I made time for The Zouk Arcade on Saturday!! It was so much fun and everything was so pretty really. Bright colours, free flow of drinks, and lovely company :) Plus cause I'll be working for Casio at the upcoming IT fair, they loaned us their selfie cameras!! Isn't the colour pretty?!

This is the older model, the newer model (EX10) is like super awesome. I think its semi-professional and the pictures come out looking amazing but I didn't dare borrow it IN CASE I LOSE IT SINCE I SEEM TO HAVE THE WORST LUCK WITH KEEPING MY THINGS SAFE :(

But either ways, was so glad to have a camera since I have no phone right now and managed to take some pretty decent photos!

 SO CUTE RIGHT?!? I think they're supposed to be the toadstools from Mario??
 Wanted to take a picture with the muttons but was so shy to ask :/

BISHY BASHY MACHINE OMG ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ARCADE GAMES!!!! Not bragging or anything but I'm a master-basher. HAHA ok sounds a bit crude but y'know what I mean..
Forgot to paint my nails :( having nice nails can really REALLY be a real mood lifter just saying..

 Mandatory toilet selfie.. hahah

 MAV AND JACQ <3 love them both so much!!

 JACQ <3 sweetest girl ever seriously :)
 Had so much fun with all of them! <3

HAHA ok sorry I know its a lot of selfies and photos but I was just super excited to try out the selfie camera and its been so long since I've had such a cute compact camera and I hate lugging my heavy DSLR around :( AND ALSO I LOST MY HAT UGH IDK HOW ALSO.. if anyone knows its whereabouts, please tell me, I have been having so many nightmares cause I'm so worried I'll never get it back again!!

Still haven't gotten a phone yet which is AMAZING BECAUSE ITS BEEN A MONTH LIKE WHUUTTTTT.. idk how I've been surviving like woahhh hahah but ok I'm definitely getting a phone by the end of this week cause I really cannot tahan anymore.

Anyway its time for me to hit the books! Have a great recess week my fellow NUS/SMU friends and HAPPY MIDWEEK!!!

And if the week hasn't been going well so far, here are two videos that really cracked me up hahahah just look at 0.09 on the first video HAHAHA THIS GUY'S "SUPER SELFIES" HAHAHAH AWESOME.

P.S. I know I'm like damn slow but omggggg I love Chvrches HAHA can't stop singing "The Mother We Share" the whole week.  Also, I NEED TO DYE MY HAIR OMG HATE MY GHASTLY ROOTS and I can't keep pretending its reverse ombre :/ K BYEEE GUYS! xx

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