Monday, 17 March 2014

Cleo / Casio / Lotty

Hi guys!:) Hope the Monday blues haven't been getting you down!! Been surviving last week on one hour of sleep almost every other day so I'm really hoping this week will be a lot lighter :( I'm so tired I've resorted to eating coffee powder which I DO NOT RECOMMEND HAHA unless you wanna have a cringe attack. Friggin tests and presentations back to back everyday its like wtfffff I know all you uni students out there must be going through the same thing and I really hope it's been going better for y'all! Hang in there!!! The summer break is coming! :)
Last Wednesday was a pretty intense day! Dyed my hair in the day right after school! Love my curls haha ugh I think I look horrid with straight hair. I wanna dye a super dark shade of blackish-purple next time round and maybe cut it short but I think I'll cry cause I'm quite a sensitive soul when it comes to hair. Thank god my hair grows super fast though!! I know the lighting is bad and all the photos are so grainy :( sorry guys, but I'm collecting my Casio EX10 next friday and the pictures are gonna turn out really clear I can't wait!!

And then went to meet the Casio girls and then celebrated Lotty's Birthday! I feel so bad I haven't had much time to get/make a proper gift but I'm really looking forward to seeing her this week!:)

Hehe both so cute <3

Love this girl like crazy <3 We've been friends since primary school so that's like... close to 10 years haha. She's just such a kind, warm hearted girl who is ever so thoughtful and always puts others before herself. I always feel like the friends you make in primary and secondary schools are for life because they knew you when you were silly and immature and they're the least judgemental in my opinion. Plus I was from a girls school for 10 years HAHA and everyday was super fun HAHAHA IJ <3 I love all my secondary schoolmates and am still as tight with them as before cause they're always so retarded we just laugh bout everything HAHAHA.
Hope you had a lovely 21st bbg and cheers to many more years of friendship!! You're a real gem and I hope our children become best friends too :)

Met up with the Casio girls for our payday yayyyy HAHA like finally but I spend my money super fast and I don't even know on what?? Probably food.. hahaha. I think I sleep eat, but who knows...

And popped by Zouk after to meet Adeline and Bernice after hahahaha <3

Idk how I'll survive without my jobs man HAHA. Confirm need to eat grass.. This is first on my to-buy-list at the moment:
SO GORGEOUS RIGHT I LOVE IT. One of my favourite colours and they used to sell it at the swee lee near my house but it got sold out :/ thinking of either this or this Fender guitar but idk its a bit messy.. what do y'all think??

Also finally got to try Paris Baguette's Royal Pudding!!
I know everyone keeps talking about it and I didn't get it at first cause the only pudding I've ever had were the ones that came with food or plane food haha. But that pudding changed me. HAHAH it was that good. Yx bought me like..4 HAHA ohgod which explains my ever-growing food baby... Gotta start exercising again soon and I'm gonna force myself to document it to make me stay on track!

And on Friday, dropped by the Cleo's Top 50 Most Eligible Bachelors event at Zouk before work cause Lotty's boyfriend Gerard was one of the top 50 woot woot ;) HE CAN SING REALLY REALLY WELL BTW.

Also, watched 300 Rise of an Empire yesterday and omg I love 300. I've watched the first one so many times HAHA I have a super bad habit of doing that with movies I like. I think I've watched the Hunger Games 30 times and I remember I used to be obsessed with Mulan (one of the only Disney princess movies my parents made me watch as a kid, maybe cause they thought I would identify more with Mulan or something) and My Little Pony. Needless to say, I can quote both movies even to this day hahahaha. Anw you guys should catch it if you don't mind gore and violence although the first one was better to me imo but the graphics for this movie were pretty kickass. But do NOT watch it with your parents. Cause there was this crazy sex scene and nudity so like ugh totally cringe worthy if you're watching it with your parents.

Alright that's it from my crazy crazy week! Will update with something more interesting and with better photos later this week either about the dinosaur exhibition, the ice exhibition, the light exhibition or USS HAHA CAN'T WAIT HAHA #whatisschool HAHAH WAHWAH SG SO HAPPENING NOW SIA.

K bye guys! Oh wait here's a photo of my supper from the other day to maybe make y'all feel less bad if you're not keeping to your diet or wtv HAHA cause yea this is Qing's average meal although I intend on cutting down a wee bit and exercising more or I'll really become fat for life and probably end up needing my neighbours to hire a crane to lift me out of my house at the rate I'm eating OMGGG :/ TOUCH WOOD.

AWW QT <3 K till next time! BYEEE! xx

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