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So gorgeous omg really love how flexible the screen is cause its not just a one way flip, you can actually extend the screen out. And it comes with an inbuilt stand at the back so you can prop it up and take group shots or ootd shots or whatever without anyone's assistance.

I think all Casio's selfie models have motion sensors so all you have to do is wave at the specific part of the screen and it'll set off the timer and take a picture!!! PLUS you can view the photos just by POINTING at one part of the screen. Super high-tech right?! I'm a total tech noob so I really don't know if this is like some old invention or whatever but I was like woah when I found out HAHA.

AS IF THAT ISNT AMAZING ENOUGH, you can actually remotely control the camera with your phone so if you wanna take a backshot of your ootd, you can just download the free Exilim app on your iPhone or Android and you can see what the camera is seeing but from your phone!! And from there you can zoom and activate the shutter! The selfie cameras also have the beauty function and you can adjust the level of this beauty mode from 1 to 12. It is really REALLY amazing, like no blemishes, your skin looks baby smooth and the effect is so nice and glowy and like totally no need for filters or whatever after that (which the camera also has).

I won't go into the technical jargon that I was supposed to emphasise about the camera during the IT show partly because I think I'm a terrible camera salesperson hahaha and largely cause I think for most girls, these functions should more than suffice but if anyone is interested, this camera is the first dual-bracketing camera in the world, it can take time lapse videos and it's relatively easy to manoeuvre. (This is not a Casio ad btw..) Also, if anyone is interested in the camera, I think these websites can shed a lot more light on the specs of the camera to give you a balanced view :) The New Camera and Today.

Before working for Casio at the IT fair, I honestly didn't know that Casio had cameras. I thought it was just Baby-G watches hahaha but their cameras are really pretty amazing! Blogged about the more affordably priced ZR1200 and the wildly popular TR-15 here.

The downside of the EX-10 though would be the price and weight. The metal body makes it quite a weighty and bulky camera in comparison to say the latest Samsung smart camera on the market (which I really had my eye on). Also the retail price is kind of a downer going at about $1099 on the market right now. I got it at a discounted rate so I'm pretty happy but I think if you're not looking for a semi-professional camera and you just want one that can take pretty selfies, the ZR1200 would be more than good enough:) Also, unlike the Samsung smart camera, both the EX-10 and ZR1200 do not have changeable lenses and what I really like about Samsung cameras is that their wifi mode is on the function ring itself unlike on Casio cameras. Objectively speaking however, I'm still super happy cause now I can have a camera that is comparable to a DSLR in its photo quality without the weight and bulk of one cause I really REALLY hate lugging my DSLR out :( And I can finally post better photos cause really, even though the iPhone 5s camera is amazing, its still nothing compared to a proper cam!

OH!!! AND I FINALLY RECEIVED MY YODA PHONE COVER!!! HAHAHA I can't get over how cute it is!!!

Gonna try my hand at sewing my own Adventure Time camera case maybe next next week when I'm not so busy :/ I gave a little shriek when I found it in the mail HAHA love getting packages in the mail. Its like Christmas.. even though I know I bought it la hahahahah.

The past week has been crazy as usual but I think April is gonna be full on madness not just with a lot of events coming up but also cause of finals.. I have like three research essays due next week and just finished two presentations this week :/ But on the plus side, went for the iLight festival at MBS the other day and it was so beautiful!! Going back for the third time today with my family and will post an update on it next week! EVERYONE SHOULD GO LIKE NOWNOWNOWWWW cause its ending today!!:(

Dropped by Ashley's 21st Birthday last Saturday before POPTARTTTT hahahaha so cute, loved her kitty cat theme <3 Hope you had a great one dearie!

Everyone's throwing 21st parties its like one after the other!!! And here I am with no clue as to what to do for mine. HAHA thank goodness mine is at the end of the year though so I'll have more time to plan. Honestly I've never been one to celebrate much for birthdays cause like idk hahahah I think I'm such a lazy bum and I just wanna spend it eating good food with my closest friends and family but I do think it'll be super fun planning something big and 21 is a symbolic number so hopefully whatever I plan, when I do indeed start planning, will turn out alright :) Maybe a yacht or whatever HAHAH. Or like ask my best friends to go BKK with me..

And finally met up with my honeybee!! <3 

After the longest of time of not spending alone time together cause every time we meet, its always with other people:/ Went lingerie shopping and seriously... Bras are like the most expensive things ever??!!!!!! I don't understand why they must make a woman necessity so darn exorbitant but ok everyone should invest in at least a few good quality ones :) Nice comfy lingerie can really be an instant happy pill :)

Just a few photos from the past week BEFORE MY CAMERA CAME:(

And look what else came in the mail the other day!
Love how much effort they put into sending us such lovely newsletters omg. It's like on a piece of plastic thing haha and the letters are holographic!

Ok anyways I've gotta go but hope everyone reading had a lovely restful weekend and try and drop by the iLight festival before it ends tonight alright!! You won't regret cause there's like...OMAKASE BURGER?!!? WHICH IS JUST AMAZING OMGGGGG <3

HAHA and aiya by next week, this is gonna be me CONFIRM :(

Alright off to the iLight festival now! Byebye kitties!! <3

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