Thursday, 1 May 2014


HAPPY LABOUR DAY YAYYYYY!! It's been a while since my last update so this is gonna be quite a long one but no worries its mostly pictures! And I can't wait for exams to be over good riddance. I just have one more paper on the 5th of May but I'm behaving like it's over already?? Worst student ever here :/ and this semester has been so SO BAD I wish I had more self discipline BUT OH WELL :/

Here are my April highlights! Went for the Zouk Anniversary party 2 weeks back! HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY ZOUKKKK <3 The whole place was so beautifully decorated and super trippy like holographic and 3D everywhere!

It was like some tron/futuristic theme and so there were these way cool lasers in the walkway. I thought it was like strings or something?? HAHA like even though I knew they were lasers it was reflex to use my hands to push them away.

Too bad we reached a little too late! There were free flow drinks from 9 to 11 and they placed the bar in the middle of the dance floor it looked damn cool hahahaha. 

And free cotton candy too! Plus Fedde Le Grand was spinning on Friday and Sander Van Doorn on Saturday so it was mad intense!! Had so much fun but was so burnt out after :/

Finally visited Yong Siak Street where all the nice brunch places and quaint bookstores are at. Tiong Bahru has so many hidden gems I can't wait to go back and try everything after my exams!!! Or maybe even before.. hahahah.

Books Actually was the first store I went to while waiting for Lotty and it's so pretty!

Hahah I really really REALLY love the smell of books so when I went in I started breathing damn heavily. I apologise if I frightened any patrons with my heavy breathing. I always smell my new books and receipts and freshly printed notes. And there are some receipts that have this damn nice clean smell??? It's like paper-gasm. I LOVEEEE putting freshly printed notes on my face cause its so warm hahahaha. And seriously I love going to my school library, taking old volumes of literature books and feeling the pages even though it's super dusty :/ Love the feeling of the pages!!! I know it's odd but I'm sure I'm not the only one?? Aite I better stop with my paper fetish before I scare anyone. Anw Books Actually has a pretty unique collection of books that I've never seen anywhere else before like this Leonardo Da Vinci in 30 seconds and The Bible in 30 seconds. Was so tempted to buy the Da Vinci one!!

And this adorable book of puns hahaha. It's like off the charts hipster la. I know they say don't judge a book by its cover but I am majorly guilty of this hahahah I'm a sucker for nice book covers.

They sold vinyls too but severely overpriced really..

I think they sold the used vinyls at 68 dollars and above which is insane?? I get if its brand new or in good condition but 68 is pushing it I think.. Peninsular plaza/Arab Street/Adelphi carry them way cheaper!

My pretty darling <3

Can't wait to come back here and try everything!! :)

Took so long to get zeus to stay still for his Easter photo seriously he was damn grumpy hahahaha look at this snapchat of his face.. clearly displeased at having to play dress up with me every time HAHAHAH. 

I love teasing him HAHAH silly fat boy <3

And some photos from when Jo returned from UK!! Celebrated her 21st birthday!! Love these girls so much hahahah we talked for hours about...the weirdest things?? Like from plastic surgery to psychotic people and seriously there are A LOT of mad people around come to think of it. HAHA had so much fun and so glad I managed to make it down!

 Love you Honeybee <3 First friend from JC and still one of my best. So glad to have you in my life.

 The two princesses <3
 Happy Birthday Princess!!
And also thank you girls for coming down to Dom when I was working!! 1920s theme hahahah.

Wish I was better prepared for it though cause I really love dressing up!! Can't wait for halloween already!! I wanna go as Katniss HAHAHAHA or Selene from Underworld or maybe chewbacca HAHAHA.

Went to the museum the other day after picking Yx after his last paper!! Love going to the museum and although it was really heartening to see so many people starting to patronise it more but a part of me still kinda liked it when it was quieter :/

And then we headed to Vienna International Seafood restaurant for dinner and they are so anal?? They don't allow photography of the food there :( Granted they aren't very highly rated on their service but the food more than made up for it! 50++ per person for buffet dinner and it's damn good considering the oysters are fresh and the sushi is good and there's mini soba, Australian cold crab, black pepper crab, king prawns, roast beef, teppanyaki, sashimi, and dessert :) I love oystersssss :') and sushi hahahah they're like my eternal craving. I know I'm sick when I don't have a sushi craving.

 HAHAHA thanks for peeling all the crabs and prawns for me <3

Hahaha ate until I couldn't move so when we headed to Zouk after I almost died hahahah didn't dare drink anything in case my oysters decided to make a reappearance and I swear I could feel all the crabs, oysters, sashimi, prawns making friends in my stomach :/

Gonna do a post on my recent shopping spree soon! HAHAH I AM SO EXCITED FOR EVERYTHING TO COME AND TO SHOW ALL OF YOU THE STUFF IT'S DAMN COOL REALLY HAHAHAHA OMGGGGGGG OMGOMGGGG HAHAHAH. Ok my mother says that if  I type any harder, the keys are gonna get stuck to my fingers HAHAH. Everyday I can't sleep properly cause I'm afraid I might miss the postman when he presses the bell!! About half my items are here already YAYYYY I bought like close to 40 things!!! EXAM STRESS IS DETRIMENTAL TO MY POCKET :'( ok gotta go "study" for my final paper now :'(

Till next time and thank you for reading! Have a great labour day everyone!! <3


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