Saturday, 31 May 2014


HIIII! It's been a while since my last post cause I've been busybusybusy after the semester ended!! Actually wanted to post last Sunday BUT MY WHOLE DRAFT GOT DELETED ARGHDSHGKJSHF BUT it's ok HAHA cause at least I have more time to blog now.

So glad the semester is over good riddance! But since then it's been mostly eat, sleep, work everyday! :/ Hahah no more eat sleep rave repeat for me..

After my abysmal beyond redemption final paper (which I was late for and finished in like half an hour), went to Toys'R'us to shop for a light saber for Star Wars day hahaha but they're all out :( Btw I cannot overstate how much I loveloveLOVEEEE those toy ovens/cash registers/mini playhouses/mini motorbikes hahahah. Can't wait to play with my kids' toys in future when they're in school or something HAHA I was seriously contemplating getting myself a toy easy bake oven but my room is way too messy to fit something new and mother would fry my ass for it. One more reason I love going to Toys'R'us is for the smell of Play-doh ohmygoodness... HAHAHA.

Finally went to the Ice Art Exhibition cause I wanted to escape the heat for a while but it was mad cold in there. Negative 15 degrees of cold to be exact. The ice art was pretty rad but I couldn't really concentrate on anything to be honest cause I was freezing. Hahaha like there were these super baller people who just went in with shorts and slippers and the rented coat and they looked perfectly fine while I felt like my ears were gonna fall off.

The best part of it was definitely the ice slide though HAHA. We went to slide about 4 times cause I wanted to snapchat it HAHA. I think I'm addicted to snapchat.. 

Followed by the ice bar where you can unleash your inner hulk and hulk smash your mug at the wall. Couldn't smile properly though cause my cheeks were frozen :/

Also checked out the dinosaur's exhibit at MBS!! I love the Art Science museum!!!!

All the exhibitions there are so wonderfully done especially the Titanic exhibition last year...or was it last last year?? I'm growing old :/ Anyways the dinosaurs are so cute HAHAHAH THEIR ARMS ARE SO RETARDED HAHAH and small and cute it's like completely redundant??!!

Rebel. Say cannot touch already still want to touch -.-

This was my favourite room <3 I wanna fall asleep there. It was so peaceful and the fake aurora colours were so pretty

Jurassic Park moment.

SO FREAKING BIG RIGHT!!! I would get eaten in an instant but apparently they run very slowly or something cause they're too big HAHA so cute.

Say hello to my little friend.

Each room is fashioned after different time periods. I never knew there were so many different periods before the Jurassic period. Ok but honestly even though dinosaurs have cute lil arms, they are freaking terrifying. Can't imagine living in such a hostile world with giant lizards tryna eat me the whole time. Those stegosaurus dinosaurs are pretty cute though :)

Went to USS again HAHA for quite possibly the 15th time. Can't believe yx has never been there?? Too bad Battlestar Galactica has been closed since last July :( I love the castle at far far away though!! They should totally build some rooms in the castle for people to live in. I volunteer to be a permanent resident pleasepleaseplease.

 The ice cream was quite bad tbh. Tasted like...cement?? I think they put in cornflour or something :/

We just sat on the mummy ride non-stop cause there's like nothing else to play other than that and Transformers. HAHA clearly one too many times though hahah. I can memorise Imhotep's lines already -_-
HAHA the women sitting behind us were damn funny haha screaming at everything even before the ride started getting fun?? Like they started screaming when Imhotep came out HAHA.

And I got soaking wet after the Jurassic Park water ride seriously DRIPPING WET :/ hahaha I've always managed to escape the water but I was the only person on the ride who got drenched idk why.. I was like why only me sia. It was like this massive tidal wave I kid you not hahaha. Damn unglam I know :'( Spent the next half an hour in the toilet looking like a hobo attempting to dry my pants and hair and squeezing water out of my clothes.. Idm wet shirts but wet pants are like YUCKKKKKYUCKYUCKITYYUCK.

And finally decided to spend my money on a souvenir HAHA. Say hello to my 20 dollar milo holder HAHA. Most expensive milo in the world la. But its ok cause I love Oscar haha one of my favourite Sesame street characters! And I'm a sucker for water bottles!!
 TOO CUTE <3 <3 <3

 HAHA cringing while taking this photo cause it's so corny haha sorry guys I had to.

And celebrated Mother's Day at Paradise Dynasty! My sister and I had such a lovely day planned for my mum but she's so stubborn :( Bringing her out for brunch, shopping, mani-pedi and a massage next week cause everyday should be like Mother's Day right?? Hahaha. My mother's really one of the strongest, most understanding and patient people I know and I thank god for giving me someone who can love me unconditionally even when I'm undeserving and I know I'm not easy to take care of.
<3 Don't know what I'd do without both of them hahaha

Anw we tried the colourful Xiao Long Bao and there are quite a few odd ones like ginseng and cheese?? Sorry haha I like my normal old Xiao Long Baos but still worth the try haha.

The original one is simply divine though. Argh craving now.. hahaha I remember there was once I ate too much XLB and had a fever and indigestion the next day it was awful!! I have damn bad self control hahah so when I crave something I usually go a bit overboard eating.. I seriously couldn't move and had to explain to the doctor that it was cause I ate a plate of fried rice and 20 XLB by myself :/ I never ate another XLB for the next two years HAHA thank god that phase is over.

Oh and recently visited Tanuki Raw in Orchard Central where they serve OYSTERS DURING HAPPY HOURRRRRR <3 OMGGG I love oysters I can eat them everyday almost as much as I can eat sushi and sashimi. You just order a martini and you get half a dozen oysters and sashimi at happy hour prices!!

Other than that I've mostly been working cause I'm tryna save up to go to New York to find Yx during his US trip!

Magnum anniversary! So glad to bump into Emily there!!!! <3

But seriously drinking so much is terrible! Gonna start cutting down and make June my workout month hahaha. Gonna go for dance and yoga and kickboxing!!!

Went to Concorde for dinner the other night. Hahaha I'm addicted to oysters.. Ate like close to 20!!

And check out my blue roses omg so pretty!!

Just sent yx off last night for his SMU summer exchange in Canada and its like BAM instant heartache?? HAHA I swear I could feel my heart in my throat! Hope I'm not becoming some overly attached girlfriend but it was seriously so hard trying not to cry at the airport hahaha. He was so sweet he took me to Tiffany & Co. to pick out something before he left but idk why everything I liked was INSANELY ex like 8k?!! And the cheapest ring I liked was 800 bucks so I was like oh hell no..lets get out of here hahhaha I'd rather use that money to eat. Or like save up and get one thing that I like the most rather than waste maybe two three hundred on some mediocre item.

Anyway it's like that weird thing where even though you know you can talk to that person on whatsapp or text or call, they're literally a million miles and a few timezones away. And what if when he goes on his US road trip, all the girls there are like Katy Perry kinda hot California girls?!?! Even I'll be like woahhhh. Argh ok shall not make myself even sadder overthinking hahaha I just want him to be safe and have a good time there and after all one and a half months is better than half a year or something!! Gonna spend my June exercising and working and conquering Guitar Heroes on Expert level hahaha.

Ok gotta get ready for work at Zouk tonight! Have a great weekend ahead everyone :)


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