Sunday, 22 June 2014


HELLO <3 Hope your Sunday's been going as peachy as mine has! Kinda glad I didn't head out to zouk last night cause I usually spend my Sundays groaning half in bed half on the couch hungover. I have super good news though!! HAHA I'M HEADING TO USA IN EXACTLY... 5 DAYS?? HAHAHAHA YAYYY. Beyond excited to the point I can't sleep at night cause I keep smiling to myself HAHA damn creepy I know.

But I'm such a sloth I haven't packed yet. I feel like bringing everything??? But I know I'm probably gonna go crazy shopping there HAHA. Argh. Super grateful my parents finally agreed :') Gonna leave Friday morning and head to San Francisco, then to L.A then to Vegas and finally to NEW YORK!!!! HAHAHAHAH CAN YOU TELL HOW EXCITED I AM. I've been rewatching Gossip Girl and Hangover hahahaha. Seriously can't wait to live out my Baywatch, Hangover, and Gossip Girl fantasies HAHAHA. I want to go down sunset strip and roller skate at Venice Beach and play some Blackjack in MGM and go to the Met and see some monkeys at the central park zoo hahahaha. Idk how I'm gonna get into the casino though since I'm not 21 yet which sucks cause I'm only 6 months away :/

Got so much to do within the next couple of days!! Can't wait to write all about it :) Need to spend the next couple of days planning and packing and hopefully trying to get some semblance of a beach body but who am I kidding hahahah. Gotta go for a mani-pedi cause my nails are a disaster. They're like ogress farmer nails seriously. And my nails are damn tiny? Like abnormally tiny as if someone decided to draw a few dots together and tried to pass it off as a nail. Its like the size of.... a beetle really. And need to dye my hair argh. Worst part of having brown hair is the constant need to go dye my roots. Hahah all the hairdressers and manicurists usually have the same reaction when they see me. Like trying to stifle their horror. Some of them don't even bother so idk I'm gonna try and maintain hahah and try to brush out my hair before heading to the salon tomorrow. Too unglam already haha sorry guys.

Was damn bored the other day so I decided to draw two lines on my face and take some photos haha don't judge me please.

 Sorry uh I'm really damn bad at choosing filters or editing my photos.

Other than that I've just been doing a lot of retail therapy and I really mean A LOT over the past month or so. Just been shopping and eating non stop hahaha. Just some photos from the past two weeks.

 My future ride ;)

HAHA and shopping with mummy. Wah damn embarrassing cause we both wanted to take photos but there were a lot of people staring hahahahaha so the whole time I was like ok mum enough already faster faster hahahaha.

Celebrated Mel's birthday last week! I apologise for the photo quality cause I haven't been bringing my camera out the past week! Booked a room at MBS and ordered pizzaaaa hahahaha.

And ADVENTURE COVEEEEE HAHA finally. I was trying damn hard to get a tan. I used to be quite tanned? And I could tan damn fast like just walking 10 mins in the sun and I can see the difference but now idk my skin is like damn sallow. Not white and radiant but sallow like Tim Burton characters kinda sallow haha. And I need to look like a golden nugget for US!!! ARGH gonna try again before I go.

Haha sorry I know the quality is bad but I couldn't bring my camera and we were damn wet the whole time there!!

Adventure cove was pretty fun haha the Riptide Rocket ride especially OMG that one is like crazy scary seriously ITS INTENSE HAHA. I was screaming non stop cause I can't swim ok and I guess you don't need to but I'm a lil scared of the water. The "raft" thingy that you sit on shoots into the tunnels damn fast and there's like water shooting and spraying everywhere I swear so you can't see at all??!! And its damn dark and scary so you can imagine how freaking frightening it is. It's like water in your face and nose and dark and dropping damn fast WAHHH HAHAHA. Plus I really didn't want to scream cause I kept drinking water and I was like eww omg the water confirm super dirty!!

The ride drops down a couple of huge outdoor slides. I panicked for a moment cause I thought there was something wrong with the slide like how come so crazy steep like a cliff or something and you just feel as though you're free falling cause you can feel your body lift off?!!!? HAHA ok I'm getting damn worked up just typing about it. And you literally EXPLODE out of the tunnel at the end of the ride its like WOOSHHHHH freaking strong ok. And the water that splashes onto you is of epic proportions I kid you not. Wish I could have taken a snapchat of it hahaha. The tickets are going for pretty cheap cause RWS is having a promotion so yea go check it out. Riptide is a thousand times better than I can describe it.

Been spending a lot more time with my parents these days cause they're both super worried that I'm flying so far HAHA I guess cause I'm damn blur and I've never travelled by myself before? Went to check out one of the celebrity restaurants in MBS with them. Hahah totally forgot about the existence of those restaurants but I've always wanted to check it out. We had teppanyaki at this place called Hide Yamamoto and it was mofo ex ok. I don't usually stinge on food because it's food but I don't like making my parents spend so much either hahah. I can be satisfied eating kway teow mee for the rest of my life (the kway teow mee near my house is THE BOMB) Everything on the menu was like 100 plus and above and I was like wtf where are all the normal priced food?!!! But the food was pretty good :)

 So many different sauces I couldn't keep track.

And also shucked my own oysters the other day HAHAHA yessssss and I used A SCREWDRIVER AND HAMMER HAHAHAHAH. Cause I was craving so I bought some oysters and then I realised that I couldn't open it at all?? Thank god for google right haha. Was a lil scared I'd get shellfish poisoning or something cause I left the oysters in the fridge for a couple of days but I guess I have a metal stomach after all those years of eating expired food by accident haha.

 My kind of stay in nights <3

Also, came home to these beautiful babies the other day. Yx made a booking all the way from Vancouver. Incredibly sweet and thoughtful I was so touched :') Really really REALLY appreciate a guy who can treat his girl like a princess.

Oh and worked at Attica on Friday! Hahaha I haven't been there in eons cause I honestly cannot see any other place better than Zouk. Promoting Chivas! The other time it was at MOB with Tinc and Lincey! They really are a dynamic duo and the music was incredible!!
My party popper got stuck though so it was damn embarrassing HAHA cause everyone was staring and I was like ohmylord why now and here and why me argh. Felt like it took forever to get the thing to pop :/

Before I go, just wanna appeal to everyone to please please vote to save Zouk. So many people on the Straits Times website are saying things like "good riddance" and "finally" but seriously what will Singapore be without Zouk. It's not just a club. Its a household name and a world renowned nightspot that ranks number 7 in the world. It's what brings Singapore's nightlife scene alive and without Zouk, who's gonna host our major EDM/rave parties? There won't be any more Zoukout or world class guest DJs coming down anymore. Thousands of people come down from all over the world to Singapore each year just for Zoukout and to come see what one of the top 10 clubs in the world has to offer. It's an icon and a symbol of pride not just for Singapore but for the loyal patronisers of the club and the youngsters who've quite literally grown up with Zouk. My dad even tells me about the days when he was young and went to Zouk. It baffles me how people can say such nasty things about a place that has done nothing but strive to bring us the sickest beats and kickass parties.

For 23 years it has been the place people go to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, coming-of-age initiations, ORDs, post-examinations, heck even pre-examinations and to enjoy good music and company. There is no Jiak Kim Street without Zouk. Clubs come and go. New clubs replace old clubs and old clubs reopen under different names but nothing will ever be able to replace Zouk.

If you feel the same way as I do, please do vote on the site It'll only take a minute and every vote will go a long way :)


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