Sunday, 30 August 2015

Skyline Luge 10th Anniversary

Hi guys! :)

It's been a while hahah I've been so swamped after coming back from Australia and back to school and work.

Can't wait to post about the beautiful Gold Coast next week or something when I have more time.

Also, MY SCHOOL TIMETABLE SUCKS GUYS. Ugh I really hate the whole bidding system in NUS. It's so unnecessary and not to mention stressful af?? Total logistical nightmare.

ANYHOOS, tried out the LUGE ride at Sentosa last Sunday and it was so much fun?!

The Skyline Luge originated from New Zealand and I'm assuming it's a lot more intense there cause they have more space and hills and scenic areas as compared to Singapore but it was still pretty fun and it goes quite fast ok.

For those of you who don't know, THIS is a luge hahah. It's basically like a go-kart.

To get up to the ride, you have to take the Skyride chairlift which is kinda like a cable car ride?

I'm a total klutz and I was really really sleepy when I was there so I don't know if that's the reason why but I kept crashing into the curb and it was so dreadfully loud and embarrassing but my point is that, IT'S SAFE. Even if you crash (like me).

There are two trails namely the Jungle trail (650m) and the Dragon Trail (688m). For adrenaline junkies, definitely go for the Dragon Trail.

Ok I know this photo makes me look like a fool HAHAHAHA like a 5 year old learning to ride her bike or something but it was too funny for me not to keep.

Do head down to check them out next time you're in Sentosa! Also, WE SHOULD HAVE A RAVE LUGE RIGHT??! Like with strobe lights and drinks and BBQ food HAHAHA.

Oh and unrelated but... I just had to.

I wanted to have my Britney moment ahahah. I know it's what they use to rip off tourists la but whatever HAHAHA worth it ;)

Alright bye guys! I need to "study" now before another week of school GAH :(

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