Sunday, 5 July 2015


Hello! :)

Just got back from the pet farm and I'm dead beat but anyways, it was my first time down at Gentle Paws dog shelter!

Honestly I was kind of intimidated because I've never handled strays/mongrels before and these are dogs that have been abused and abandoned so I figured that psychologically, they'll naturally be more defensive. I know Zeus is a lot larger than all of them but it's still different when you're handling other people's dogs and dogs that have been on the street. The other volunteers taught us how to approach them to make sure they don't get over excited or lash out in self defence. Personally I think the most important thing when handling dogs is to be calm and composed. Don't use brute force, get angry or be afraid because they can feel your panic and will disrespect you all the more if you fear them.

The dogs were all really sweet and gentle though :') They seemed so happy to have companionship it was so sweet. Some of them were pretty timid which really makes you wonder what could have happened in the past to make them so scared of humans :/ I would've taken photos but I had no pockets to keep my phone :'(

If anyone wants to go volunteer next time, it's every weekend from 1.30ish (though I'll suggest coming at 1) to around 3pm where you get to walk and shower the dogs and clean their cages!

Popped by Ericsson Pet Farm after where we got Zeus around three-four years ago and omg I wish I could have my own farm so I can own more dogs. They have the cutest bulldog ever seriously.

AND IT'S 28KG OK LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD GUYS. Zeus is so much bigger and this dog is more than half his weight.


Handsome fella hahahah

Aight gonna watch more Terminator and call it a night! Have a good week ahead guys <3

Mini Cooper


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