Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 Recap

HI!!!! HAHA I've finally decided to start blogging since its the new year, its time to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and try new things right? :)

2013 has been INTENSE, felt like it went by in what, a month or something?!

This was the year I got my heart broken so bad I thought I was never gonna get better, as dumb as it sounds now, but it was for the better and I wish him nothing but happiness and I'm glad we're still friends :) And the year I cried for 2 days straight after my eyebrow embroidery cause I thought it was damn bad HAHAHA which is totally ridiculous cause it really wasn't that bad I think.. And the year I finally got Instagram, launched my blogshop although I haven't updated in forever omg I'm terribly sorry and will update with a pretty launch real soon. And the year I finally started working even if it's just part time like RedBull (which is super fun seriously) and as a BB at Boulevard! MY FIRST WAITRESSING JOB HAHA. And also got to make so many wonderful new friends this year and for that I'm super honoured and thankful :)

Just some of my favourite highlights of the year:


HAHA I was damn happy cause I freaking love them!!! My favourite's Axwell but they're all awesome and I really couldn't believe how lucky I was to have won the tickets after they were sold out!

2) THE XX:

Sorry the picture is so blurry! Idk what happened :(

I LOVE THE XX. I was down with a cold during the concert but wtv I was still damn happy:) The lighting effects were THE BEST. The co-ordination with the music and the lights display was superb, I was completely blown way and I admit I cried like a fool when they played Infinity :/


OMG BRANDON FLOWERS. My life was complete cause I finally got to watch The Killers live after they cancelled the previous time! And Diane  and Megan have been the most amazing friends, so thankful to have them in my life plus they never fail to make everything super fun!


I don't remember taking this but I wish I did :( she's so lovely!

I only have half my memory of zoukout day 2 but it was still awesome as Zoukout always is <3 AND I GOT TO SEE ALESSO YAY!!!!!!

5) USS:

Went to USS 10 times this year or something?!?! HAHAHA. Cause of my student season pass which I recommend everyone should get cause its $88 and you get unlimited entry for half a year I think, PLUS discounts on food and merchandise and also you can help your friends purchase tickets at discounted rates! I LOVE USS SO MUCH. Even though there aren't that many rides and only Battlestar, Transformers, Mummy, and the Rapids ride are super fun, the whole atmosphere of the place just makes it an instant happy pill and just being there makes me so insanely happy :D

6) Random Zouk Nights:

 Took this photo from Sophia's fb!!
My most beloved club for its beautiful people and awesome music <3 love them and the team of people who work to keep that place so wonderful! PLUS ALL THE GUEST DJS THIS YEAR ITS LIKE WOAHHHH Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin, Otto Knows, John Dahlback, Sander Van Doorn etc.
(I don't own the photos, all were taken from fb, Zouk's and La Vita Alta's fb pages :) )

7) My Fur Kid <3, friends and family:

He's such a sweetheart, can't imagine life without my silly fat boy hahahah he's really such a gentle giant :) and my lovely family for being ever so understanding and patient with me even when I was a complete mess.
 And my beloved Lorene <3 Can't wait for her to come back from HK!!

My favourite girls <3 HAHA

Love my Honeybee to bits <3
I may have lost my phone right before 2013 ended, THUS MAKING IT DAMN HARD TO FIND ALL MY PHOTOS and I had to resort to using all the not so nice ones and fb ones :( and also losing my contacts which is such a bummer, BUT 2014 is gonna be the year of good changes to come!

Thank you for reading!! My apologies for the lengthy post and I wish everyone all the best in the new year ahead!! Let's make 2014 ours! :)


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