Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hello folks :)
Hope your Sundays have been going well! Mine's been great and I'm feeling so refreshed. Love LOVE staying home on Sundays <3

Gonna fix up my new shoe cupboard later if possible!
Anyways was gonna post up my L.A road trip post but still waiting for Gwen's photos cause I lost half of my L.A photos :/ so I'll just write on some Sg updates!

Went for Marcel's 21st Birthday party yesterday and it was so pretty!! HAHA never been on a yacht before so I was quite excited. It was at Sentosa Cove's One degree 15 Marina Club and its really peaceful there!

He chartered the Bay Suites yacht and its hugeeeee. A two storey yacht that comes equipped with so many amenities? There was karaoke, TV, two bedrooms, fully air-conditioned except for the open top deck of course, a jacuzzi, a BBQ pit thing if I'm not wrong hahaha it's really like a house?

The yacht was gonna sail to Lazarus island and dock there for a couple of hours so you can come down and explore the island or eat or whatever :)
Sailing out! I can't swim but I really REALLY love the beach and just standing in the water hahah since I can't swim without floaties. There's something really liberating about sailing out with nothing around you but sea.
 Leaving the city behind!

 Lazarus Island
 There are a lot of cats on the island for some reason?? HAHAHA super weird cause they're all just lying around doing nothing but so so cute <3

 Hahaha Mel and Harry

Love my camera so much. No filter or editing at all and the colours always come out so nice and glowy!

A bunch of them jumped into the water?? HAHAHAH looked so fun and I would definitely have done it (with the life vest of course) but I didn't bring my swimsuit and refused to go in my undergarments so yea hahah.
 Birthday boy making the jump hahahah.

Look how clear the water is!!

Sunset on the island <3 love the clouds omg it was divine

And some photos from before the Redbull's Red Monday event before I fly off!! Sorry I lost the photos from the actual event itself which sucks but it was super fun! In a sub zero degree warehouse and there was free flow drinks and the music was great! Had so much fun wish I could show you guys some photos :(

Hahaha sorry for all the selfies :/ just dyed my hair and was waiting for Andrea before heading down so yea HAHA ok gotta go have a late dinner now!


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